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Online games have always been a fun way to pass time and connect with friends, but in the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic, these games have also become a lifeline for our loved ones. I mean, what better way to bond with your BFF than by beating them in your favorite game three times in a row?

But as we enter another month of social distancing, you might be tired of the same old games and want new choices for playing with your friends. To satisfy your gaming urge, here is a list of the top 15 online games, apps, and websites that will keep you and your friends busy for hours.

Scrabble GO

The childhood word game you know and love is now available on your smartphone, and you can play against friends, the computer, or even yourself when your friends aren’t available.

Download Scrabble Go for iOS Download Scrabble GO for Android

Words with friends 2

Similar to Scrabble, this word game will help you challenge your friends and your brain. You can also practice solo challenges and compete as a team in quick turns.

Download Words with Friends 2 for iOS Download Words with Friends 2 for Android

Trivia Crack

Got a friend who knows a ton of random facts? Challenge them in a game of Trivia Crack. You’ll have to answer questions on topics ranging from entertainment to science, and that will keep you busy for hours.

Download Trivia Crack for iOS Download Trivia Crack for Android

Trivia Crack Kingdoms

If you prefer a more specialized trivia game, Kingdoms lets you fight over specific topics, like breaking Bad or French cuisine.

Download Kingdoms for iOS Download Kingdoms for Android

House party

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Houseparty is a social networking app that also lets you play games while you video chat with friends, and options include Heads Up, Trivia, Chips and Guac, a word matching game similar to Cards Against. Humanity.

Download Houseparty for iOS Download Houseparty for Android Download Houseparty for Chrome


There are a ton of chess apps and sites out there, but this one scales to your skill level to help you improve, and it also includes tutorials and interactive lessons from the best Grandmasters.

Download Chess for iOS Download Chess for Android


The online version of Battleship is basic, but it works, and you already know the rules: place your ships, guess where your opponent has placed theirs, and try not to sink.

Play Battleship Online


While Checkers is a two player game, this app allows you to play up to 16 simultaneous games against different people. Invite the whole team.

Download Checkers on iOS Download Checkers on Android


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Pogo offers a free version of Monopoly on the web, but they’ll be retiring it later this year. You can also pay $ 3.99 for the app version of the classic real estate game or go for the Monopoly game available on the Nintendo Switch.

Download Monopoly on iOS Download Monopoly on Android

Escape rooms

While escape rooms are a great fun in-person activity, they were difficult to replicate online, until now. Escape the Crate usually sells escape rooms in a box that you can make at home, but they also have a free online version that you can play with your friends via video chat. The Escape Game also offers a digital escape room for $ 10.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You probably already play New Horizons (or at least have heard of it), but Nintendo Switch’s casual choice is the perfect way to pass the time. If you don’t have a Switch, you can download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on your phone.

Download Pocket Camp on iOS Download Pocket Camp on Android

No !

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There is hardly any other card game as passionate as Uno !, but this version also allows you to team up with your friends to play against other duos.

Download Uno! for iOS Download for Uno! For android

Draw something

Want to draw something pretty? Go ahead. Want to compete with your friends and make fun of the spooky giraffe they drew? You can also do this on Draw Something.

Download Draw Something for iOS Download Draw Something for Android

Cards Against Humanity

Although this online version is not the real Cards of Humanity (it’s called ranged insensitivity to avoid copyright issues), it’s still the same game concept you know and love. The site also has a ton of other card games you can play with friends, including Go Fish, Backgammon, and Crazy Eights.

Mario Kart Tour

The popular racing game finally released a multiplayer version last January, and you can compete against your friends instead of just the computer.

Download Mario Kart Tour for iOS Download Mario Kart Tour for Android

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