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While we currently live in a world filled with video games and the means to connect virtually, it may seem that there aren’t many online games to play with friends when you’re not really. with them in real life. Game nights can bring out our more competitive side and make for some really fun nights, but what about when you’re in separate houses the last game was a tie and you? need to get a victory? (Everyone loves to win, okay?) Even figuring out how to play old-fashioned board or card games through video chat can be a difficult situation. Through a bit of virtual digging, we discovered 21 different games that you can play both online and with your friends. Forget the Computer Generated Opponent – Now you can easily host a virtual game night with your best friends.

Seriously, there are plenty of ways to play games online with your friends that are interactive, fun, and in some cases completely free. Gather your friends for a night of card games similar to Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. Or, stick with classic games like UNO! or Ladies. There is no wrong way to play these virtual group games, so go ahead and pick your favorite. The only thing that really makes online games better is being able to share them with your loved ones. Sure, things are starting to slowly open up, but a lot of us are still stuck at home, so why not continue the traditions of game nights or night out with friends virtually?

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1. Moriarty’s game: a killer in the hive

HiddenCity’s recently launched Moriarty’s Game: A Killer in the Hive lets you immerse yourself in a modern adaptation of iconic Sherlock Holmes stories from the comfort of your own home. The 90-minute immersive game turns players into private investigators, planning undercover operations, luring potential suspects and hacking into security systems with the guidance of private investigator Kayla Watson. Best of all, gamers can play with friends in teams of one to five players, either in the same house or remotely via video call.

2. Quiplash on Jackbox games

Quiplash is a great online option that involves everyone in a group and can easily be played on a PC, Mac, or Linux computer. Everyone tries to write the funniest answer to a question, each person then votes and a round winner is declared. You can easily play Quiplash with members of your household or distant friends.

3. Sims 4 Multiplayer

Because the technology is ridiculously innovative, now you can play Sims 4 with other players online. You must download the Sims 4 multiplayer mod, and then you are ready to virtually meet your best friends and hang out in the Sims world.

4. Skribbl

Skribbl is kind of like a combination of Pictionary and trivia. Once you’ve created a private room on the site for your friends, you pick a word from the list provided and try to draw it in 80 seconds. Everyone has to guess what you are drawing. If you’re an artist, now’s your time to shine, baby.

5. GamePigeon

The GamePigeon app allows you to play different online games with your phone, so you don’t need a gaming device or even a computer. Available now are 8-Ball (pool), Poker, Sea Battle (which is basically Battleship) and several others. These games are only two player games though, so it’s best if you just want to play with one other person!

Stylist |  Online games to play with friends

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6. Visit of Mario Kart

The Mario Kart Tour app allows you to race with your friends at high speed. It’s basically like playing IRL video games, except this time you’re all on your phones.

7. GameFly

If you have a game console at home, you’re in luck. GameFly rush brings everything from classic Zelda games to Star Wars to recent releases like Disaster Report 4 and Resident Evil 3 right at your doorstep. With a free trial for each game, you can test games and only pay for what you want to keep. Depending on your console, the new games allow you to play directly against friends online. Fans of old school games can just zoom in on their friends when they are setting up Super Mario Party.

8. Ladies

If you are in a virtual one-on-one game, you can play checkers online while catching up with a friend or family member. This is especially useful for interacting virtually with someone who may not be as up to date on technology.

9. Eight fools

Relive your childhood with the classic Crazy Eights card game. Just send your room link to your friends or family and you are ready to play.

10. Chips & Guac on Houseparty

If you use Houseparty to video chat with your friends, you’ll want to try out their Chips & Guac game. It’s similar to Apples to Apples, so if you like games where you pick the best card to match another, you’ll love this game.

Stylist |  Online games to play with friends

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11. UN!

UN! has always been an iconic card game, and now you can play it virtually with your loved ones. It works exactly like IRL, only you are playing with virtual cards. Simple. Like. This.

12. Common puzzles

Because apparently anything is possible, you can do puzzles with your friends in line. It is perhaps the most relaxing virtual game there is.

13. Clue

Now you can virtually play your favorite board game from childhood with all your friends. The app costs $ 3.99, but it’s a small price to pay for endless hours of mysterious fun, isn’t it? !

14. Drawful 2 on Jackbox games

For a limited time, Jackbox Games is offering its Drawful 2 game for free, so that you can play with your friends while respecting social distancing. The game basically invites you to draw different (often ridiculous) things on your tablet or smartphone. You can even play Jackbox Games remotely on Zoom, if that’s your preferred method of video chatting.

15. Oregon Trail

OK so Oregon Trail It might just be a single player game, but there’s nothing stopping you from playing on the phone or video chatting with your friends! Just start at the same time and tell each other about your journey. You can play online for free and try to avoid dysentery at all costs.

16. Psychic

With Psych game app, you can use your phone and play with your friends while video chatting. You and your best friends make up fake answers to trivia questions, then let a player try to guess which answer is actually true. If you also want to get personal, there is an option that lets you create answers to questions about your friends, so you can see who really knows you.

17. Scattergories

If you’ve played the Categories game before, this online version works the same. All you have to do is pick a category (like books, types of soda, fruit – you see the picture.) And ask everyone to name something in that category. The first person who thinks of nothing is outside. If you prefer not to create your categories, you can rely on this Scattergories generator to help you. (It’s also a really fun drinking game!)

18. Online bingo

You might think bingo is only for nursing homes, but it’s low key very fun. And now, thanks to this online bingo card generator, you can play with your friends while chatting on Zoom. It’s completely free, and you can have up to 30 (!!!) players. If you have a larger group, you have the option of paying for an additional 70 cards. Large groups of friends, rejoice!

19. Stay indoors

Stay the Fuck Inside is a virtual drinking game actually created for social distancing. For $ 4.99, you get 150 different cards with games like “dare or drink” and “categories” that you and your friends can play virtually. The game allows as many players as you want, so if your Zoom is full this might be the option for you.

20. QuizUp

Available for iOS and Android, QuizUp is no ordinary trivia game. There are topics ranging from Disney trivia and The simpsons anecdotes — and even Game of thrones anecdotes. (!!!) Text your friends and tell them to meet you on the app, and let the games begin. You can also easily turn this one into a virtual drinking game. Cheers!

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