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With the advent of technology, the online gambling industry is experiencing a massive boom. Today, there are various electronic games to satisfy all types of gaming fanatics. These virtual games bring an array of missions and opportunities to the table, making an entire storyline appealing to players. Also, some developers even give you the opportunity to earn extra dollars through online prize pools. But what is the most popular online game in 2022?

Check out the full list of best satisfying games online.

1. League of Legends (LOL)

If you wonder which is the world’s #1 online game, your search ends here. It is one of the oldest and highest paying online games. Currently, this esports game has 115 million active monthly users.

You will play as a team to reach the opponent’s base while destroying their base structures. So get ready to enjoy an adrenaline rush with every level you complete during this game. No more thinking what is the #1 game in 2022.


You may have come across this name many times before. To your surprise, the initial alpha version of this game was developed in just six days. Created by Swedish video game programmer Markus Persson, Minecraft managed to take over the world with its flexible gameplay.

Since the 3D game has no specific goals, its progress is entirely up to your imagination. Also, you can choose from five game modes, namely Adventure, Survival, Creative, Spectator, and Hardcore.


How not to mention PubG, which created a wave among teenagers all over the world? Launched in 2017, this online game is compatible with Android, iOS, XBOX, PC, PlayStation and Windows devices. So play to your comfort level!

Up to 99 users can play at once in this armor-based game that features amazing graphics, new maps, and new modes. To win the game you have to kill all the enemies hidden behind the bushes according to the gameplay.

4. Fish table game

If you are passionate about casino games, add Fish Table Game to your to-do list. Plus, this fun and rewarding casino game is your answer to what games pay real money instantly. The dynamic marine theme of this classic arcade-style shooter attracts many players online.

The gameplay requires you to shoot various continuously moving sea creatures. So it’s a game of skill. The better the target you hit, the better the payout. So earn real money while satisfying your urge to gamble online.

Sound interesting? You can check out this guide on how to play fish table games.


Whether you own a console, smartphone or PC, Fortnite can be your next favorite online game. The free survival game will keep you on the edge of your seat as you battle the walking dead. Your search for what games give real money ends with Fortnite.

Epic Games often offers various money-making opportunities for existing players. One of the reasons why Fortnite got the best online game ranking for years. A player named Bugha even won a huge cash prize of $3 million during the Fortnite World Cup.

6. Casters

What online games give real money? The classic Roulette casino game never loses its charm. Invented by physicist Blaise Pascal, the slow-paced casino game now offers two table versions – the American wheel and the European wheel. It is also popularly called Devil’s Game because all the numbers in both styles of roulette add up to 666.

Additionally, both types of tables offer various betting options. You can bet on an inside bet, an outside bet, a single number or pick five numbers. So if you want to win a few dollars by testing your luck, look no further.

7. GTA Online

Another online game you’ll love to dig into is GTA Online. Ask pro gamers, and they’ll have a slew of memorabilia tied to the back streets of San Andreas.

Over 33 million GTA Online players speak volumes about its title as one of the best online games to kill time. The enhanced online version of Rockstar Games’ acclaimed Grand Theft Auto brings a range of new, improved and exciting experiences. It lets you participate in races, bank robberies, gun trading, or a trip around Los Santos after creating an online character.


Say goodbye to boredom by selecting one of the. Whether you like to play on the go or on the Xbox console, you’ll never run out of options when looking for what is the best online game to win real money. Surprisingly, seasoned gamers today compete for millions of dollars every year.

The online gaming market is constantly evolving, with amazing gameplay, graphics, new modes and being added frequently. The goal of game developers is to keep all types of gamers hooked.

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