8 best online games and apps to play with friends

As boring as virtual meetings and chain messages are, the same technology powers one of our favorite things about living in the modern age: playing games online with friends. It’s the best anti-social way to stay social and one of the surest ways to “hang out” and reconnect with people during a pandemic. In a post-vaccinated world, an invite to a virtual game board lets people know you’re thinking of them without having to make an actual phone call. From free online gaming and downloadable apps to the best gaming system for social gaming, here are our picks for the best online games to play with friends.

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Among us

You can play with strangers, but it’s just more fun to fool your loved ones. It is much more fun to visit online slot machines to play with friends for real money, where you will not only receive psychic income, but you can also get a reward. You can play this online multiplayer game with friends on your computer while you avoid answering certain work emails or on your smart phone while waiting in line to get vaccinated. As the game host, you create the game board, number of players, imposters, and other game settings.

Then share the access code with your friends, so they can log in and take action.

Best online games
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Mario Kart Tour

It’s not as fun as playing Mario Kart on a Friday night in college while your parents are ordering dominoes for you and your friends. But in terms of things you can do on a Tuesday night in the middle of a pandemic, you could do worse than play Mario Kart on your phone with friends while you binge on Netflix.

You need to complete a few game levels on your own before you “unlock” the ability to challenge your friends. But the hassle is worth it the first time you hit a friend you haven’t seen since 2019 with Spiny Shell.

Best online games
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Instead of texting friends to say “how are you?” (no one has a good answer to this question), push them in a quick hand of Uno from time to time. Play this game online with friends and hit them with the Draw 4/Combo Jump.

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If you miss in-person game nights with friends, Tabletopia lets you play your favorites; Scythian, Clans of Caledonia, Wingspan, and over 1600 others. There are classics like chess, poker and backgammon and a workshop to develop and test your own game creations.

You can either connect with friends as part of the virtual table or join open seats with strangers. Sure, it doesn’t have the same tactile quality as game pieces on a table, but it keeps pinball machines from ruining the game.

Best online games
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This classic 1960s game doesn’t seem relevant anymore, except maybe the 2017 update which includes options to acquire pets instead of children. Playing this game online with friends is a great way to fantasize about the different courses your life may have taken. Race with your friends to the finish line and try to become a millionaire. The high quality graphics almost make up for not being able to spin the spinning wheel.

Best online games
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Sky: Children of the Light

It was app of the year in 2019, but it’s time to shine in 2020 when the idea of ​​flying through magical worlds took on a whole new appeal. The developers describe it as a “social adventure” where you and your friends work together on puzzles to find lost stars and return them to their constellations.

If you’ve been wanting to get into tabletop RPGs, Sky: Children of Light delivers the same social quality with great graphics and challenging gameplay.

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Best board game of all time? We think so. And while it’s not quite as fun without the little guns of murder, it’s one of the best online multiplayer games to play with friends. as you race to solve the murder of Mr. Boddy at the Tudor Mansion.

If you’ve had enough of the original mansion (blasphemy, but it does happen), there are ten different themes you can play, either solo or with friends.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Bigger than even Among Us was Animal Crossing: New Horizons which was the preferred form of escape during the depths of quarantine. It’s only available for Nintendo Switch, so you’re limited to hanging out with friends who also have the same system as you.

In the game, you live among adorable anthropomorphic animals, turning a desert island into your personal paradise. In 2020, visiting the Isles of Friends was the only form of travel most of us were able to enjoy.

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