8 free online games to help you learn coding


How many times have you thought of games you can play in VR that can also be useful to you? Learning to code not only involves becoming familiar with syntax, but also understanding reasoning and improving logical and analytical skills. Each programming language has advantages and disadvantages; however, the fundamentals are similar to some degree.

As you know, creating code in a programming language is the best way to learn it. It’s also well recognized that essential developers not only create code, but enjoy doing it. Advanced programming can be tedious if the fundamentals are not covered. And even if you’re a professional programmer, the industry is tough and competitive, forcing you to keep learning and expanding your expertise.

There are several free coding games available to help you develop your coding knowledge and push your programming abilities to the next level.


CodeMonkey is the first coding game on the list. CodeMonkey is a beginner-friendly online coding game platform that teaches the basics of programming to people with little or no coding experience in an engaging and fun way. It teaches you how to create your HTML5 games using the CoffeeScript programming language. CodeMonkey is a great game for honing your reasoning and problem-solving skills while learning to write code.


If you want to improve your coding skills while learning new ideas, but are wary of standard tutorials and need something entertaining and engaging, you should definitely give CodinGame a try.

It is a site that offers engaging and free games to help students learn over 25 major programming languages ​​such as Ruby, JavaScript, Java, C#, Rust, and PHP. Problems have an increasing level of difficulty, allowing creators to advance their programming abilities.

Among the most exciting aspects of the CodinGame service is the ability to play with colleagues and friends, as well as participate in global coding competitions, including timed AI or code-golf tasks. Headhunters also use the system to contact top players and make job offers. All in all, this is a great coding game service to hone your abilities and eventually become a coding expert.

3. CodeCombat

CodeCombat is a popular coding game related to JavaScript. Developers created specifically for instructors and students to use as an instructional video game that explains software programming ideas and languages, as well as the basics of computing.

It is made up of puzzles and tasks that players must solve by creating JavaScript code. Plus, CoffeeScript, Python, and the games programming language Lua are all worth learning.

The game has a medieval dungeon theme and you have to maneuver your hero in the game to use some simple instructions which are explained in the tutorial included with the game. For novices, CodeCombat is a fun and engaging approach to learning the syntax and JavaScript logic.



Do you want to improve your Python or JavaScript skills in a fun and interactive environment? Then you should definitely give CheckIO a try. It is a free programming game for beginners and expert programmers that allows you to develop your coding skills by completing interesting challenges and enjoyable tasks in JavaScript and Python. It has an island design, and the rest of the game seems to consist of multiple island-based stages, each more difficult than the last to ensure you learn new things with each stage of the game.

5. Flexbox Defense

In this Tower Defense game, you must defend yourself using Flexbox-based instructions.

You’ll use real-world CSS Flexbox code to move your turrets around to fire on incoming attackers before they catch up to you.

Fun fact: Channing Allen, the brother of Indy Hacker creator Courtland Allen, designed this game. The two brothers are both skilled programmers with a strong desire to educate. It can be a good guide for iOS game development.

6. Ruby Warrior


Ruby Warrior comes last on the list of programming games. It is a popular language which is widely used in web design. If you are new to Ruby, Ruby Warrior is an ideal programming game for you.

Bloc developed This Game, a part-time online coding training program that gives individuals the opportunity to learn coding through projects like this. You can choose between beginner and intermediate courses in the game depending on your level of ability. This is indeed a basic warrior-themed game where players can guide their warriors from level to level by giving instructions in Ruby.

7. Code Wars Game

Code Wars is indeed an online game platform also based on ninja concept which helps you to improve your abilities through lots of puzzles and coding challenges. If you want to study a certain language, you must first pass a simple test to demonstrate your language skills and knowledge.

Once you complete the first few levels, you won’t find a better game on the market for developing advanced programming abilities than this one.

Code Wars game has a wide range of languages, such as Swift, JavaScript and python, Haskell and Ruby coding games. It is one of the best online game training programs since it teaches you while you are playing a game.

8. Robocode

Mathew Nelson founded Robocode, an open source educational game. Currently, payments are made by many people; officially Flemming N. Larsen provides services to Robocode to make it work and fix problems.

The game was created to help people learn to code in Java and enjoy the process. Robocode is a coding game in which the goal is to create a robotic war tank to fight against different other .NET or Java containers.

Robot combat takes place both on screen and in real time. Robocode’s slogan is “Create the best, destroy the rest!” A fun and engaging programming game that shows you the basics of coding.

final thought

Of course, there are several tools available to help you learn to write code, and you can even gain experience using these sources. But coding is similar to painting, so the more you enjoy the learning process, the more likely you are to develop a passion for coding. Just with a computer and a web browser, you can start learning how to write code.

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