8 Key Online Marketing Trends to Embrace for Booming Sales


It’s undeniable: we live in a digital world. Yet while most florists have embraced e-commerce (especially during the pandemic), many are still not utilizing the vast capabilities of online marketing to grow their online businesses. And digital marketing isn’t just about online sales; it can also boost your in-store business. That’s why we wanted to share the most important online marketing trends for 2022 to include in your overall marketing strategy.

We’ve been saying it for years: video is one of the best ways to market your business. Not only are videos great for holding people’s attention, they’re also great for SEO (search engine optimization) and can bring more traffic to your website. If you haven’t posted a few videos on your website or social media pages yet, start now. Show viewers how to care for their flowers, keep arrangements that last longer, create their own arrangements and more.

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Social media marketing is not just a good idea. It’s VITAL if you want to increase your visibility (especially with Millennials and Gen Z) and your sales. We’ve got plenty of ideas for social media marketing in our Instagram and Facebook trending articles this issue. And you have plenty of other choices, like Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and more. The key is to create a social media marketing calendar and be consistent with your posts.

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