8 online games that can teach kids data science during this lockdown

Although the era of data science has arrived and it is believed that the more knowledge and experience one has with data and the earlier one learns it in one’s career, the better prepared one will be to enter a such a complex area. And what can be earlier than learning data science during your childhood?

Data science is indeed a complicated subject to master, which is usually struggled by many professionals, but video games and online games have proven to be “chocolate covered broccoli” – an essential aspect to teach children. a thing or two about data science. Studies have suggested that games can be one of the engaging ways to develop critical thinking, cognitive behavior, and motivational impact in children. Not only can it teach AI/ML concepts and programming, but it can also teach kids knowledge about math, statistics and probability.

In this article, we are going to share some online games that can help teach kids about data science during this lockdown.

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machine learning for kids

Source: IBM.org

On: Machine Learning for Kids is a free activity kit with games and interactive projects from IBM that can help teach kids to create simple machine learning models. This activity kit not only introduces children to the principles and implications of machine learning and artificial intelligence, but also allows students to play with data and seek answers from machines. IBM’s Activity Kit contains about two dozen activities and games for children of different age groups. Access requires users to have a computer, internet access, and an IBM cloud account, but do not require expertise in programming languages.

Discover the activity kit here.

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Source: CodeCombat

On: CodeCombat is a role-playing strategy game that teaches kids programming and coding in the most interactive and engaging way. An Open Source Community — Code Combat works with hundreds of players who contribute code and features to improve the game at every level. Although created to teach children coding and programming language, this game has also caught the attention of many adult professionals. Not only does he teach JavaScript and Python coding, but he also shares basic IT concepts with learners.

Check it here.

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Source: Datasets

On: Data Games is a website with a collection of many games that aim to engage and help students develop basic mathematical and statistical concepts. A project resulting from a collaboration between many researchers, Data Games, helps players understand data and eventually teaches them coding skills for data analysis. From rock, paper, scissors, proximity games, predictability games to inference games, this platform can be a good step for kids to learn data science in times of lockdown.

Check out the website here.

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Source: CodinGame

On: CodinGame is a website that uses online games to help learners improve their coding skills by solving the world’s toughest problems. Not only does it help learners and students learn new concepts, but also get inspiration from the best developers in the industry. With this online game, kids can collaborate with their friends and classmates to play this multiplayer programming game. They can also earn prizes as well as data science and coding knowledge.

Check out the game here.

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Source: Checkio AG

On: CheckiO is a coding and programming game website for kids and beginners where they can solve engaging programming challenges using Python and TypeScript. This can serve as an additional tool to teach children data science skills relevant to current and future industry. This game claims to bring out user coding organically as a skill which can then be improved in fun games. In addition to helping children develop their critical thinking ability, this coding game has also become a knowledge exchange center for engineers and coders.

Check out the website here.

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Coding for kids

Source: CodeMonkey

On: CodeMonkey is a website with fun educational games that can help kids learn coding and data science without any prior experience. Although they call it a coding course, it wraps framework-based learning in an engaging and rewarding environment. Not only that, but CodeMonkey also comes with student solutions, automatic grading, and syllabus management with step-by-step coding lessons to make kids programming experts before they really get into data science.

Check out the website here.

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css dinner

Source: css dinner

On: CSS Diner is a fun game for learning cascading style sheets, which describes how HTML elements should be displayed on the screen. This 32 level game will teach kids the basics of CSS workflow and data science. At each level, coding and programming increases and thus pushes learners to apply their learning skills to win the game.

Check out the game here.

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Ruby Warrior

Source: Block

On: Ruby Warrior is a perfect game for kids and learners to learn Ruby by doing. The game comes with many levels which can help learners to choose one according to their ability and experience. Kids only need a computer with an internet connection and a Facebook login ID to log into the game and learn programming. Although developed for children to learn to code, it is also aimed at people who want to learn to code while having a daily job in hand.

Check out the game here.

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