A Utah family discovered that online education is the key to getting the most out of their school experience


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The Markhams have three students enrolled in the Utah Online School as well as their local border schools.

London, a 7th grader, is enjoying the opportunity to earn high school credits even though she’s just starting college.

“London took three classes this summer…the best part is that these are activities she would have been doing over the summer anyway, so why not get some credit for things like drawing and dancing” , says mother Leslie Markham. “It’s an amazing opportunity. Once in high school, she will have a more flexible school schedule and can decide if she wants to work or start taking college classes like her siblings.”

In addition to school, Claire, a 9th grader, spends about 20 hours a week dancing. She takes UOS summer school and extra classes throughout the year to get ahead so that her schedule is more manageable throughout the year.

A Utah family discovered that online education is the key to getting the most out of their school experience

“Claire wants to push herself to learn and grow in all areas of life, explains her mother. This year, she will take advantage of concurrent enrollment offers through the UOS. “The local school does not yet allow her to follow these courses. , so we are very grateful that she can continue to challenge herself academically through UOS.”

Lincoln, an 11th grader, is an avid golfer. To put in the time he needs to perfect his game, he must spend several hours each day on the course. “He graduates from high school in the morning and we see him before he goes to the golf course to practice until it gets dark,” says Leslie Markham.

A Utah family discovered that online education is the key to getting the most out of their school experience

“With UOS, he can focus on lessons at his own pace and take classes that aren’t available at his local high school. The UOS summer offerings have also helped him stay ahead of his grade level so that he can have the perfect schedule throughout the year. He is still pushing himself academically by taking college courses and still has time to do what he loves outside of school. .

A good start to learn

Since UOS students can begin earning high school credits as early as seventh grade, they have increased flexibility later with an in-person high school schedule. Ms. Markham says UOS gives her children the option of graduating from high school a year earlier or completing at least a year of college before graduating from high school.

“We want our kids to love learning and find their unique skills and passions that will help them in the future. The association of UOS with their traditional school expands their opportunities for education and growth,” says Leslie Markham. “They push themselves by working smart and getting more done throughout the year, including the summers. We see them spending more time on their personal interests and goals and will encourage them to choose high school internship opportunities that will benefit their long-term career goals.”

A Utah family discovered that online education is the key to getting the most out of their school experience

Flexibility for all Utah students

It has been more than a decade since the Utah Legislature approved a Statewide Online Education Program which allows “eligible students to earn high school and middle school graduation credits by taking publicly funded online courses.”

What many parents and students don’t realize is that the program allows students from any district in the state to create a personalized education plan that combines in-person and online classes. Taking advantage of this option gives families flexibility in the schedule and program.

A proven option for online education

If the idea of ​​blended online and in-person training is appealing, but you’re not sure where to start, Utah Online School (UOS) perfected the process.

UOS serves over 10,000 students each year with over 150 teachers, counselors and staff. In over 15 years, the cumulative total of students served has exceeded 110,000. Along the way, UOS has achieved a course completion rate of over 90% and a graduation rate of over 95%.

Learn Anywhere with Utah Online School and Earn School Credits

Utah Online School is currently enrolling for fall classes. With nearly 70 course options (and a growing list), there is almost always room for individual flexibility.

In many Utah high schools, popular electives are often restricted to seniors or are filled by random selection, as demand far exceeds available slots. This is not a problem at the UOS. In fact, UOS offers many more courses than many border schools.

In addition to traditional subjects like reading, art, history, and math, UOS has classes like computer science, programming, coding, world languages ​​(over 20), music (guitar, ukulele, music theory and more), wildlife and marine biology, specialist courses and ACT preparation and driver training.

UOS ensures student success by tailoring learning to student needs with the support of certified teachers, adult mentors and counselors. Best of all, UOS is an accredited, free public school for Utah students.

Enroll today at Utah’s premier online school, serving K-12 students with full-time or part-time options.

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