Bangor HSBC to cut counter service as customers switch to online banking


HSBC in Bangor will be phasing out counter service available to customers from August 2021. The bank has confirmed that the Bangor branch will be equipped with self-service machines and staff will be in store to assist customers according to needs.

The move is part of HSBC’s restructuring to create digital service banks, which provide traditional banking transactions using self-service technology. Following the change, the nearest HSBC counter service will be in Caernarfon.

In January, HSBC confirmed that it would close 82 branches across the UK between April and September, bringing its total number of branches to 511. HSBC said the use of in-store banks fell by a third in over the past five years while nine in ten customers carry telephone and internet banking, a trend that accelerated during the lockdown.

A statement from the HSBC website said: “With the growth of digital and online banking services, the way our customers access their banking services continues to evolve. We must therefore ensure that the services we offer in each of our branches continue to meet the demand of local customers.

“After careful evaluation, we have therefore made the decision to change the format of our Bangor branch to a digital service branch as of August 2, 2021.

“Our new digital service branch format is cashless and our self-service machines will be able to support most cash and check transactions. Colleagues will be on hand in the branch to help learn how to use the machines as well as support our digital services, product opening and more complex requests.

“In order to make this change, we will be temporarily closing the branch to make changes to the premises. We will advertise at the branch to let you know when this work will take place, which will give you at least 4 weeks’ notice.


Over the past 5 years, the number of customers using HSBC UK branches has fallen by a third. Nine out of ten customers have contact with the bank now by phone, internet or smartphone, and 99% of cash withdrawals are made at ATMs.

A report on services (January to December 2020) from the Bangor branch found:

92% of customers who use this branch are registered for online banking and / or telephone banking

79% of those who are registered with online banking and / or telephone banking and are active users.

30% of customers who use this agency also use La Poste

8% of customers rely on branch banking only and no other method

22% of customers are vulnerable customers and will benefit from additional support until the closing date

Services available at HSBC Bangor after August 2, 2021:

Self-service machines available to support most cash and check transactions

Perform simple account activities and inquiries through Express Bank, Fast Internet Point, and customer service phone. Client Wi-Fi available

Colleagues available to help with:

  • Simple account service such as electronic payments and account transfers
  • Complex investigations such as bereavement support
  • Assistance with product opening
  • Digital registration

An agreement between HSBC and La Poste will allow private customers to use any La Poste counter to pay in cash or by check, withdraw money and check their balance.

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