“Banks are forcing online banking services on customers”


ONCE AGAIN we are subject to reports of yet more bank closures and the repetitive weak excuse that more and more people are choosing to do their banking online these days.

The reality is that many of these people don’t really want to do this, but have no choice, as banks continue to close branches, making it significantly inconvenient for some people to do anything else.

It’s the same with paying some of our regular bills.

We are penalized on the price if we pay at our local bank or post office, if there is one, instead of being manipulated into the direct debit electronic payment path.

Either way, many of us feel pressured and intimidated into this financial technology that is fraught with risk for the less knowledgeable user, especially with the increasingly sophisticated scams.

Simply to satisfy even greater profits for these companies.

They should just be honest and admit it’s really about maximizing profits I’m sure there must be a lot of smart minds in these companies who could find a solution for those who are not comfortable with the risk of using Internet banking.

Maybe there’s a smart, creative lawyer out there out there looking to make a name for herself who could make a groundbreaking case of discrimination and intimidation against those companies that force us down the internet banking route?

Raymond Pattinson

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