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The bank started having problems with the technology earlier today, which left hundreds of Barclay customers without a way to access their accounts. It is the second bank to experience huge problems with online applications in just a few weeks, leading experts to ask banks to update their systems.

Hundreds of customers have been left without a way to access their funds today as Barclays is the latest bank to run into trouble with the technology.

The outage affected a number of Britons in various locations according to the downdetector website.

It’s the latest high street to suffer technical problems after Nationwide suffered three outages in as many weeks.

David Beard, editor of, said that was not enough.

He added, “Banks need to invest in updating legacy systems and familiarizing themselves with fail-safe technology.
“For some people, online banking is not an option – they are forced to use online or app-based banking services due to the many branch closures in their area.”

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The outage follows a series of errors disrupting services for Nationwide Building Society customers.

Recently, Nationwide customers experienced three outages in as many weeks, resulting in hundreds of customer complaints.

Some customers were unhappy that they had not received any compensation, although they were also left with vital funds a few days before Christmas.

Sophie Crote tweeted: ‘I was affected by this as I was also unable to receive my money which was to feed my children.

Regarding an issue that arose in early January, the construction company issued an apology and £60 in compensation to affected customers.

The Nationwide Building Society spokesperson said: ‘We have contacted and compensated members who suffered a direct debit failure on January 4 due to the inability to transfer the necessary funds to their accounts.

“We apologize for the inconvenience. Any member who has experienced additional issues following recent payment delays can visit us in branch, contact us on 0800 302 011 or via Twitter (@AskNationwide) to discuss their situation. .”

Others said £60 was not enough to cover the damage and upheaval caused, as people were left with no way to pay their bills.

Banks aren’t obligated to offer compensation if services fail, so there’s no guarantee that Barclays will follow in Nationwide’s footsteps.

However, customers still have the right to complain if a service outage has seriously affected them.

The best way is to contact the bank directly through their complaints procedure on their website.

A Barclays spokesperson told “Yes, it was down for less than half an hour – from 1.47pm to 2.10pm. We are looking into the issue and got it back online quickly.

“We would normally have around 15,000 customers connected during this time. We apologize to any customers affected or inconvenienced by this.”

This article previously reported that Nationwide’s £60 apology related to problems encountered in December. This is not correct as Nationwide provided the £60 for those who suffered direct debit failure due to a specific issue on 4th January 2022. We are happy to set the record straight.

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