Best Online Games to Play in 2021

With the rise of the Covid pandemic and many other unfortunate situations, people have sought to try more online experiences to pass the time. The world of online gambling has vastly improved thanks to this, offering gamers an escape into a much more exciting reality. Even online gambling has improved with casinos like Vulkan Vegas Canada. If you ever want to get involved in online games, there are some great recommendations to play. Many of them have different styles and genres, so you can always find what you are looking for online.

Here are some of the best games you can play right now in 2021:

  1. PUBG
  2. Fortnite
  3. League of Legends
  4. Apex Legends
  5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  6. Final Fantasy XIV
  7. Minecraft
  8. Foyer
  9. DOTA 2
  10. Splaton 2


It’s a game that you’ve surely heard about in the online community, as it has one of the largest player bases than any other title. It’s a shooter that’s all about teamwork and a variety of different gadgets. It won’t just be guns that you use, as hundreds of customization options are available for you to take down your opponents. It’s easy to play and get started and can also be played on your mobile phone. Take your shooting wherever you are and compete in exciting matches every day.


Another popular battle royale game that has been making big waves in recent years. It’s the number one ongoing game for gamers of all ages. It offers fun interactivity and creative ways to defeat opponents with wacky weapons. With so many events online, there will be a lot more fun to be had, as cameo appearances from many franchises will be popping up. You can explore and wreak havoc as the indestructible Thanos or use trick arrows with Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. There are many possibilities, and they have all become a reality in the world of Fortnite.

League of Legends

This massive multiplayer MOBA has been around in the gaming industry for over a decade now, competing in Esports tournaments. Riot Games has an amazing PR team that advertises each playable character in their own unique way. The game itself provides tactical thinking and a huge cast of characters. You can even check out their crazy music videos and their new Netflix original series, Arcane. Choose your favorite hero or villain and work with a team of five players to fight for the good of Runeterra.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has risen to the top battle royale game of the year, with over 70 million players battling it out in chaotic battles. This hero-based shooter lets you choose your favorite character and use all sorts of abilities to destroy your opponents. Use weapons and a range of supplies to create tactical kills and explore maps that span many meters. There are even reports that the game will soon be available for Android and iOS devices, allowing you to play matches on the go. In the meantime, already enjoy hundreds of players with shrinking islands and exhilarating battles.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Yet another title that has made the heyday of Esport and many players around the world. This game offers a more tactical and spy level of play. Players will be divided into two teams where they will compete the most with bombs and shootouts. This fourth entry in the franchise has made its mark thanks to the variety of weapons and gadgets you can use in battle. Participate in bomb disposal modes or hostage modes, become a deadly soldier with an impeccable level of teamwork.

Final Fantasy XIV

A game that has grown exponentially with the release of its latest expansion, Endwalker. FFXIV is an MMORPG that has become home to millions of players and counting. Create your own character from different races and choose a class to help your teammates explore fantasy-filled dungeons. Become a Tank to defend your squad. Become a healer to patch them. OR you can DPS through waves of monsters with exciting weapons and powers. Many World of Warcraft players have even left this game to become proud players of FFXIV because its services are much better and community-oriented.


Created many years ago, the world of Minecraft is still one of the most populated worlds in gaming. There are still updates to this day, adding new mods and maps for you to explore and dig your way through. It’s a game where you can just choose a direction and go there. Build yourself a house, craft weapons and armor, explore hidden caverns and find your own adventure. Play with others to create amazing buildings and villages. Even schools use it to teach geography to children. The global impact of this game is beyond words, and it continues to grow to this day.


Created by Blizzard Entertainment, the game is a card-based match where you can create your own virtual decks and fight them in tactical battles. You can see amazing visual animations for every map you use, creating your own soldiers and fields for you to play in. Many expansions have been added since its initial release a few years ago. You can play the game on any Android or iOS device, take your cards wherever you go, and battle other players near you.


Another MOBA game involves multiplayer features and tactical battles. This game is similar to League of Legends but adds a lot more features that you might find interesting. Some of them include different playstyles attached to each hero you can control. Explore mystical realms and defeat other teams in battle using the same magical abilities. You can collect experience points to improve your character and unlock even more devastating attacks. The world of DOTA 2 is also popular among Esports players, leading to other amazing tournaments you can follow.

Splaton 2

If you want to search for an online game where kids can play, the world of Splatoon is always a popular place to have fun. Shoot yourself not with bullets but with paint instead. Fight your way with a variety of weapons that splatter paint everywhere. Then, run through the paint to defeat your opponents in sneaky ways. Splatoon 3 is currently on the way and is slated for release in 2022. So why not practice a bit with this fun installment and be ready for the next messy adventure.

While these are all great recommendations, the majority of them are available for PC and console. There are still plenty of online games to play on mobile and the web. Games like Among Us or online casino tournaments are another great way to catch up with friends and have fun. Search online for current reviews and learn about other reviews based on reviews. If you don’t know what to look for, why not try one of these recommendations to see if you like them. You can find yourself at home with a good online game that meets your needs and those of your friends.

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