Best Online Marketing Services of 2021


The best online marketing services offer the latest software and applications to help you develop and grow your marketing campaigns more successfully.

The best online marketing services

However, online marketing encompasses many different areas, from simple accessibility of website design and content marketing to SEO tools, pay per click (PPC) marketing, e- marketing. mail and social media management. And that’s before moving on to targeted local advertising and national shows and events.

There is no one tool that does all of this, but there are some great tools that should be considered when building an online marketing platform. Surprisingly, some of them are free or have free trials to try them out, although most require a subscription or other fee which can be flat – or variable, as in the case of PPC – so you need to be in. able to balance your budget accordingly.

Many of these tools provide insights, statistics, actionable insights that you can work with, and make your marketing more effective and profitable. So here’s what we think are the best online marketing tools.

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1. Google Ads

The best PPC marketing tool

Reasons to buy

+Huge online reach +Complete tool+Integrated analysis

Reasons to avoid

Takes time to balance costs

Formerly Google Adwords, Google Ads is the world’s largest internet advertising network, with advertisements displayed in Google search results, Android apps, and third-party websites.

Setting up a Google Ads campaign is simple with a Google connection, and the ads are configured to work with specific keywords and phrases. Once a daily budget is set, announcements are displayed when triggered.

Traditionally, this has been done primarily through keyword searches on the Google search engine or keywords used in the content of third-party web pages. Ads these days work smarter by using a combination of user data and user history to try and make ads more relevant to the user.

The result is that the advertisements are displayed online in a reasonably intelligent manner, with the primary purpose of encouraging viewers to click on the advertisement to see your product / service promoted.

One of the biggest strengths of this platform is that when paired with Google Analytics, you can directly track all performance and set your prices accordingly. However, this is easier said than done and there can be some learning curve in finding the optimal settings to achieve the right balance between cost and sales.


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2. Hubspot Marketing Hub

The best content marketing platform

Reasons to buy

+Free level+Split test+Custom reports

Reasons to avoid


The Hubspot Marketing Hub provides a selection of tools to help increase traffic, improve conversion rates, and manage scalable direct marketing campaigns.

Campaigns are centered around the Hubspot content management system (CMS), which allows you to work on a responsive design using only drag and drop tools to configure the functionality you want. It also includes suggestions for on-page SEO, as well as optimal times to post content on social media. The CMS enables the creation of targeted landing pages, which can be easily modified for split A / B testing.

There are also email templates and automation options, as well as analytics to show which content, pages, and email campaigns provide the best click-through rates (CTRs). However, that doesn’t stop with marketing, as there are integration options available, especially with Salesforce, to allow all marketing campaigns to seamlessly transition to customer relationship management (CRM).

There are four main plan levels available, which include a limited free feature level that is best addressed as a way to test the CMS and. The Starter tier only extends it slightly by allowing for the removal of the Hubspot branding, while adding mobile lists, emails, and optimization for mobile devices.

It’s only when you truly step into the more expensive pro level that most of Hubspot’s marketing features really become available, including an array of reporting and campaign management options. An Enterprise edition opens up additional tools like custom event triggers and reports, lead scoring, and single sign-on.


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3. Ahrefs

The Marketing Research Center

Reasons to buy

+Comprehensive SEO Toolkit+Extended index+Advanced filtering tools

Since its initial release in 2011, Ahrefs has quickly become one of the most popular SEO tools out there, and it’s used by web developers and content creators around the world to grow their online presence.

Ahrefs has the largest backlink index from the top SEO tools, with over 295 billion indexed pages and over 16 trillion backlinks. Add in an improved keyword explorer, competition monitoring tools, as well as a significant amount of user documentation, and Ahrefs may be the tool you need to rank higher and increase traffic.

Ahrefs includes a number of powerful features that make it stand out, including a proprietary web crawler just behind Google in size and speed. While prices are largely aligned with those of similar products, top-notch link analysis, powerful research tools, and knowledgeable user support all help make Ahrefs one of the best options for understanding and improving online presence. line of your domain.

Ahrefs offers four plans, aimed at individuals, businesses of different sizes, and agencies.


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4. Facebook

The largest social media platform

Reasons to buy

+Large user base+Free business pages+Advertising opportunities+Data gathering

Reasons to avoid

Limited transaction value

Facebook is the world’s largest social media network, making it an invaluable place to have a business presence. Fortunately, Facebook makes this process simple and easy by allowing businesses to set up a profile page for free. This then allows that business to engage and communicate more directly with customers and prospects through free and paid advertising.

To help you, you can use the Facebook Audience Insights feature which aims to provide paid advertisers with more data so that they can serve better targeted Facebook ads. This provides information on things like demographics, likes, location and language, Facebook activity, shopping activity, on the Facebook platform.

In terms of vertical markets, Facebook offers potentially rich opportunities in terms of improving communications to ensure good customer experiences to better manage your brand and reputation. The advertising element along with the audience information allows your paid advertising to reach the people most likely to engage with your advertising.

The only downside is that social users aren’t necessarily in the transactional mindset to make a buy now, but they might be particularly tempted by time-limited offers including discounts and coupons.

Additionally, we have seen reports of traders not receiving message notifications which can cause frustration for customers and businesses.

However, Facebook is one of the largest ad networks, so it is increasingly important to ensure a strong commercial presence on the platform.


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5. Mailchimp

The best email marketing solution

Reasons to buy

+Manage email campaigns+Data and Analytics+Optimization options

Mailchimp is a dedicated email marketing platform that allows you to send notifications, updates, offers, and other direct marketing to opt-in subscribers. However, instead of just sending emails, it also comes with built-in analytics so you can gauge the performance of email campaigns.

It is also not a stand-alone tool and allows integrations with a number of other software platforms. This way, you can connect to your favorite tools while running campaigns and measure the response to them. Best of all, email tasks can be automated, and once you have data for a campaign, you can use analytics to try and optimize additional campaigns for better performance.

Mailchimp is available at three different levels. There is a free plan that allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month to up to 2,000 subscribers on your list. You can set up landing pages, segmentation, and markup, and run split A / B tests to strive for maximum efficiency.

For paid tiers, the Essentials plan allows an unlimited number of emails and subscribers, and opens up additional tools, these features being further extended in the Standard plan. For a full suite of email marketing tools, consider the Premium plan that unlocks multivariate testing, advanced segmentation, and targeted demographics.

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