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PATNA: There were forced changes in education due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but online education was still a long way to go to meet the needs of millions of students across the world in a realistic and meaningful way, Super Founder, 30, Anand Kumar, said on Saturday during a program held at the premises of the Indian School in Bahrain on “The future of education in the post -pandemic”.
Kumar said the impact of Covid-19 was devastating across the world, more so on young minds. “We don’t know if this was the last or if another such pandemic will hit us, so we have to be prepared because students cannot be kept out of education for a long time.
The impact of Covid-19 is manifesting in huge learning gaps. Although the situation demanded online education, we were not fully prepared for it due to glaring socio-economic disparities,” he added.
The mathematician said that while the demand for online education has increased and will continue to increase, the value of good teachers will also increase. “Now, teaching online means that the best teachers will be in demand and accessible. The ultimate goal of teaching is to ensure that students are able to absorb. This is where the role of More scientific innovations are coming and researchers are working to make it more and more absorbing for students. Just as a movie keeps audiences completely engrossed, so must classes by making it entertaining and captivating,” he added. .
Kumar said scientists in Japan and other advanced countries have started working on using artificial intelligence to make online education more responsive and absorbing. “It can map student learning outcomes to make appropriate changes based on student needs.
However, the role of teachers will not diminish; rather, online education will be a complement to help students in every possible way and reduce learning gaps. It will take a lot of adjustment and using technology and teachers can help a lot to prepare us for future challenges,” he added.

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