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As most of you know, with the sharp increase in local cases of Covid-19, all Bermuda Bridge Club games are back online only until further notice, and the Club is looking for members to support them. games and provide income to keep things walking on.

If you don’t know how to join the games, contact Peter Donnellan through the Bermuda Bridge Club or email me at and I will send you the instructions.

The current match schedule is as follows:

• Monday at 2 p.m.

• Tuesday: 149er Newcomer / Junior Game at 7.15pm

• Wednesday at 10:30 am

• Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

• Friday at 2 p.m.

Once you get used to it online gaming is fun, so give it a try and join us.

This week’s hand is a problem with the game for declarer, and what he needs is for declarer to keep a cool head and think carefully about his way through the game (see Figure 1).

The auction here was pretty straightforward: North’s two-heart auction promised spade support and South’s three-diamond was a long-lasting game to try and seek help in that color. North had an almost perfect hand to team up with the big diamonds and bid the game of spades.

West led the lowest odd number two. East played Queen, King and Ace of hearts, subtly showing a preference for clubs (if he had diamonds he would have played AKQ in that order).

Declarer cut the third heart low and saw he would have ten easy laps if the trumps weren’t four to zero; East had to have the Ace of clubs because West would surely have bet two hearts with that card.

Declarer therefore led a weak trump to the king of the dummy in the fourth round. When East discarded a diamond, declarer led a low club from dummy. East got up with the Ace and played another round of hearts.

Declarer cut low to neutralize West’s Trump. West saw that it would be pointless to trim too much and threw a diamond instead.

Declarer now led a weak trump card to the West Five and the Model Eight. After cashing in the queen of trumps, declarer came back in hand with a clover to the king. When that held, he had ten rounds: six trumps, three diamonds and a club.

Note that it was important to play a club in round five. If declarer had come back to hand with the King of Diamonds in round five, he would likely fall because when he led a club after taking the eight and the queen of trump, East would rise with the Ace and play a another heart, promoting West’s Jack of Spades.

Really well done, as many would use the diamond entrance early and drop one. South saw that the club should eventually be played and with East almost certain to have the Ace for his opening bid, he played at the right time.


Online games

Monday September 27

1. Sue Hodge – John Hodge

2. Jane Smith – Judy Bussell

3. Heather Woolf – George Correia

Tuesday, September 28

1. Louise Payne – Katyna Rabain

2. Marion Silver – Duncan Silver

3. Sandra Neal – Angela McKittrick

Wednesday September 29

1. Julia Beach – Pat Siddle

2. Lynanne Bolton – Bill Pollett

3. Gertie Barker – Jane Smith

Thursday September 30

1. Charles Hall – Bill Pollett

2. Rachael Gosling – Marge Way

3. Gertie Barker – Jane Smith

Friday October 1

1. Aida Bostelmann – Heather Woolf

2. Jane Smith – Alan Douglas

3. Judy Bussell – Lynanne Bolton

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