Broken Santander, Natwest, Halifax and TSB apps and websites


Apps run by many of the UK’s biggest banks all appear to have been hit by technical issues at the same time.

Users of Santander, Natwest, Halifax and TSB websites and apps have complained that they cannot access online banking as usual.

Santander said on Twitter that it was aware of an issue that was preventing some of its customers from logging in. He suggested users switch between WiFi connections and data connections and see if they can connect.

Natwest also acknowledged the issues and suggested the issues could be related to what the network provider’s customers are using. He also suggested that customers might be successful if they switched between different connection types, presumably to try with a different network.

HSBC also said it was aware of the issues and said they only appeared to affect some of its customers. “We are truly sorry and are working hard to resolve this issue,” he wrote, and asked customers to call if they had any urgent issues.

Some have suggested that at least some of the issues may not be the result of issues with the banking apps themselves, but an issue with Sky Internet, which appears to be misrouting internet traffic so some websites don’t not work.

As such, people might have some success changing their DNS to use Google’s, which can be done relatively simply from the browser. But switching to a phone’s data connection instead of WiFi can have the same effect.

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