Chennai: reprimanded by parents for playing online games, 15-year-old boy runs away from home with Rs 33 lakh in cash


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Chennai: A 15-year-old boy from Washermenpet in Tamil Nadu left his home after his parents prevented him from playing online games. The boy in class 11 also took Rs 33 lakh in cash and 213 rulers of gold ornaments from his house.

The boy was then found in Tambaram within 24 hours of his escape from his home by the city police on Thursday. According to reports, the 15-year-old was planning to flee to Nepal with the stolen valuables.

According to the cops, the miner was addicted to online games and spent several hours playing the same. He even used his parents’ cell phones to play games during online lessons.

However, his addiction to online games did not go very well with his mother working as a teacher after which she berated him and restricted his screen time.

After that, it was Wednesday that the minor left his house and as he did not return after two hours, his parents began to take care of him. They even inquired about her from her child’s friends, but were unable to receive any information.

Meanwhile, the couple were shocked to see money and ornaments worth Rs 75 lakh missing from the safe, after which they approached the cops and filed a disappearance complaint.

With the help of cybercrime detectives, the child was found in a lodge near Tambaram and the cops rushed there to save him. The boy then reunited with his family with the valuables he had stolen.

A preliminary investigation into the case revealed that the child was willing to pledge some of the gold he had stolen from a pawnshop and booked a ticket to Kathmandu in Nepal.

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