Courts Cannot Order Restrictions On Online Gambling On The Basis Of Personal Morality: Madras HC | Chennai News

CHENNAI: There is no doubt that children are addicted to online games and cell phones, but courts cannot order to regulate such matters on the basis of the personal moral sense of an applicant or a judge, the Madras High Court observed Thursday.
It is not for the court to impose restrictions, said the first bench of Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy. However, the judiciary added that the court can intervene if the executive does not follow up on any representation made in this regard.
“There is no doubt that children and young adults these days are addicted to their phones and their world seems to revolve around their cell phones. Often a family can be seated at a table, but each member even uses the phone to describe the dish they are eating or the quality of the food at the time, ”said the bench.
However, courts should be slow to enter such areas on the personal sense of morality of the individual complainant or judges involved, the court said.
Instead of the court issuing a diktat, such policy matters should be left to the wisdom of those who represent the people when elected governments are in place, the judiciary said.
The court commented on a PIL proposed by E Martin Jayakumar asking the Union government to regulate online gambling harmful to children and young adults.

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