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Customers of the building society have reported issues when it comes to making payments and transferring funds. The issue was noticed by the DownDetector website and has since been picked up by many customers, who have expressed their anger and concern on social media. Due to this problem, some people have been unable to get their salaries or pay vital bills.

On Twitter, a customer asked: “Hi, is there a problem with online money transfer to Nationwide bank accounts? My payment did not arrive this morning.

Another user named Spiritual explained, “I have had no money in my account for three hours.

“I have three children and I couldn’t get them bus passes to go to school. I can’t recharge my electricity or my gas or I can’t get our food.

“It’s not. We should all be compensated for this absolute mess. I have no money.”

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In response, the construction company said: “We are sorry, due to a technical issue, some incoming and outgoing payments are currently delayed.

“If you have made a Faster payment, there is no need to send it back. Standing orders, direct debits and cards are working as normal.”

Nationwide is also linked to its Service Status webpage, which allows customers to monitor any interruptions in the financial institution’s services.

The construction company added: “We are working hard to resolve this issue and apologize for any inconvenience caused.


“No member will be left behind as a result of this issue and all associated Nationwide fees and charges will be refunded. All other services are functioning normally.

Customers initially started noticing and reporting the latest online banking outage around 4am this morning.

As the error occurred at the very end of the month, many are worried about their inability to make crucial payments.

However, Nationwide has confirmed that other services are still available, with customers still able to use cards to make payments and withdraw cash from ATMs.

Plus, customers can still access and check their balance through the internet and mobile banking.

This is not the first time a similar online banking outage has impacted Nationwide’s operations and customer experience.

On the last day of 2022, the construction company suffered a similar issue that upset many of its long-time customers.

At the time, Nationwide confirmed that payments due to arrive in bank accounts overnight were to be delayed.

Another outage occurred on December 21, 2021, which caused problems for some customers as Christmas approached.

Many Nationwide customers were unhappy with the building society’s inability to provide secure online banking services at a time when many were buying Christmas presents.

According to DownDetector, some 57% of the building society’s customers had problems transferring funds using online banking.

Additionally, 21% could not access mobile banking, while 22% could not use online banking.

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