Delhi Police Warn About Fake ICICI Bank Online Banking Webpage


The cybercrime division of Delhi Police warns citizens against a fake online banking ICICI Bank URL that circulates by SMS. You may receive an SMS claiming to be from ICICI Bank asking you to verify your KYC details by directing you to a fake online banking page via a URL at the end of the SMS.

This is simply a phishing attempt to steal your username and password. The moment you click on the link, you will be taken to an ICICI Bank login page. And if you enter your login credentials, criminals will be able to get hold of them.

Note that all official ICICI Bank online banking and shopping websites have the domain name “” and all sites follow the HTTPS protocol.

Delhi Police took to Twitter to respond to a reporter about the suspicious text message he received and confirmed that it was a phishing scam.

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Scammers often try to steal passwords by circulating fake WhatsApp messages and emails as well. It is highly recommended that you always make sure you open online banking websites by typing the correct URL yourself and avoid clicking on any links you get in text messages or emails. Also, never reveal OTPs to anyone, even if someone is pretending to be a bank employee.

Recently, the Delhi Police Cybercrime warned people against spreading fraudulent links through WhatsApp messages claiming to offer free access to video streaming apps like Amazon Prime video or Netflix. In the tweet, police asked netizens not to click on those links and pass them on to others on WhatsApp. It states that the links have been flagged as malicious by several antivirus engines and have been blocked.


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Ravikumar IA

147 days ago

The SMS is from a number why can’t they track down and stop and punish the scammer?

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