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A business veteran in the edtech industry, Arjun Mohan, CEO – India, upGrad has an enviable track record in building and scaling multi-million dollar businesses in the edtech industry. online education

In his current role as CEO – India of upGrad, one of Asia’s leading edge technologies, Arjun Mohan currently manages a team of over 1,000 people to drive high-impact revenue aligned with the ambition of to make upGrad a global leader in India’s emerging higher education space. Mohan says: “I’ve always been passionate about businesses that have the power to transform the world, and education is one of those sectors that has profound consequences for an individual and, by extension, their families and friends. dependents”. Mohan wants to work to solve the challenges facing society as a whole by making education accessible to all.

When upGrad started in 2015, online education was less well known and did not attract widespread attention and learners. Market acceptability and finding the best acquisition channel were some of the major challenges edtech had to overcome. “In e-learning, we always have to pay attention to some challenges learners may face, such as focusing and maintaining self-discipline through e-learning modules,” adds Mohan. To solve this problem, upGrad introduced a mentoring session with regular feedback and discussion forums that opened a dialogue between the learner and the company.

In his current role, Mohan’s efforts have been instrumental in helping the company cross the milestone of 2 million total enrolled learners in 2021 in just eight months after registering 1 million in the LifeLongLearning program portfolio.

Mohan tripled the sales team and built an efficient workforce to deliver high-impact financial results, driving upGrad to cross $210 million annual revenue rate in September 2021.

The learner pass rate has increased with learners completing the bulk of their course, with career advancements ranging from 180% to 450%, also crossing the annual CTC threshold of over Rs 1 crore and numerous job offers. employment during an economic downturn.

Additionally, Mohan led upGrad’s expansion plans, ensuring we moved into global markets, with a focus on best pricing, leadership and acquisitions.

upGrad has always delivered on its commitment to drive career outcomes and has seen over 100% year-over-year growth while expanding the product portfolio and academic network.

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