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Coron, Philippines. Source of photos: Pexels

In 2019, the total contribution of tourism to the Philippine economy increased to 12.7% of gross domestic product (GDP). This is a notable increase from 11.7% and 12.3% in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

With beautiful natural landscapes and the warm hospitality of its people, it is no wonder that tourism is so important in the Philippines, however, the health crisis of 2020 put an end to it all.

Despite the disheartening reality, one of the bright spots is the accelerated digital switchover, which has provided more opportunities for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the tourism sector to recover and restart.

On June 15, Globe Business and ABS-CBN DASH hosted an online seminar titled Tourism’s Road to Recovery: Your Ticket to Digital Advertising Success. This event brought together entrepreneurs from across the Philippines to equip them with new digital tools and solutions to help their tourism business survive and thrive in this situation.

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Globe Business and ABS-CBN DASH have teamed up to help tourism MSMEs discover digital solutions that can help their businesses turn around. Photo source: screenshot of the event

The interactive digital seminar explained how the new normal has brought new challenges and paved the way for new solutions. One of the ways to help is through effective digital marketing, including online advertising.

Here are some highlights from the seminar.

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Moderated by RJ Ledesma, speakers for the event include AdSpark, Inc. Marketing Communications Manager Bianca Cammayo; ABS-CBN responsible for digital marketing for customer solutions Yvette Tan; ABS-CBN responsible for marketing and growth for digital products Harry Leonardo; and Globe Business Industry Marketing Head for Tourism Frances Caluya. Photo source: screenshot of the event

Know the new consumer

Consumers are constantly changing and it has become crucial for businesses to be able to catch up with them and be able to meet their new needs. As Bianca Cammayo from AdSpark, Inc. said, the way to go digital is to understand the consumer and create a holistic experience for them.

She explained that a combination of the right content (message) and the right context (right channel) is their recipe for success, and you can only do this if you know your consumer. Hearing their wants and needs, and reaching them on the right platforms at the right time is also crucial in digital marketing.

Is it really like a question of figuring out what my consumer wants from 3 a.m.? Or what kind of to-do lists are teens actually planning? What holiday concept do we envision now? And once we know that, we’ll be able to deliver, ”Cammayo said.

Relevant hubs for food and hospitality marketing and management

For a business to be able to select the right digital media solutions, the first thing it needs to do is look at the big picture: what challenges and opportunities are available for your business.

According to Yvette Tan, digital marketing manager for customer solutions at ABS-CBN, tourism MSMEs can look at four areas.

The first is social networks. Businesses can use it to deliver personalized experiences to customers and maintain customer engagement even when the facility is still closed. Next is content, a good example of this is how branded videos have become an effective marketing method.

The third is technology. An emerging trend in hotel marketing is the use of alternative reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to create virtual tours to showcase the various amenities they have and the security protocols in place. The last is research and development. Big data can help business owners identify market and customer trends so they can tailor their offerings and take advantage of marketing opportunities.

Silence could be deadly. When the pandemic hit, some brands chose to be silent. And while cutting ad spend was a necessity for some, it could also be quite risky, given that it could take three to five years for your business to recoup its brand value and revenue, ” shared Tan.

User-friendly digital advertising solution

With too much noise on social media, it can be easy for businesses to drown. For those who need a boost in online marketing, a user-friendly digital advertising solution is ABS-CBN DASH.

ABS-CBN Digital Advertising Self-Service Hub or DASH is a do-it-yourself advertising tool that businesses can use to
create and promote their ads online across the ABS-CBN network, reaching millions of Filipinos worldwide. This advertising platform is easy to use, economical and highly relevant for MSMEs who want their business to be visible. For as little as P500, anyone can start advertising on ABS-CBN websites and apps with this tool.

“We want to be a key partner of local MSMEs and their agencies in promoting their businesses, using ABS-CBN’s high-reach and engaging online platforms in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. this pandemic, ”said Harry Leonardo, Marketing and Digital Product Growth Leader for ABS-CBN.

With years of experience delivering relevant content to its Kapamilya audience, via DASH, ABS-CBN provides its advertisers with innovative ways to reach potential customers, helping food and travel MSMEs market effectively. their services and their offers.

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Interested advertisers need only create an account on and start booking ad campaigns. Photo source: DASH

Digital solutions to enrich the traveler’s journey

Another relevant topic covered in the webinar is how MSMEs can be present at every stage of the traveller’s journey. Frances Caluya, Globe Business Industry Marketing Manager for Tourism, presented several digital solutions to help them do this.

As the traveller’s journey begins before the guests even leave their homes and lasts until the trip ends and their departure, Caluya shared that the technology can be used to their advantage throughout the process.

One example is the use of SMS (short message service) for personalized engagement. It might sound old school, but it’s still an effective way to reach out to guests. Hotels and resorts can send reminders a few days before travel and share safety protocols. Caluya Recommended Web Based Amber SMS platform who can easily automate and personalize text messages for customers while using a personalized sender ID.

To keep customers coming back, she suggested a customizable online loyalty program like To rush that business owners can use to reward their customers with additional points and perks for re-transacting with their business.

“Digital solutions can truly benefit businesses every step of the way in the traveler’s journey, from digital advertising at the very beginning to the ongoing engagement of your customers upon arrival and ensuring their safety while they enjoy their stay. . Eventually when they finish their trip and leave, I hope you have a way to get them back, ” she added.

As every part of the customer journey now requires digital transformation, these digital solutions can help MSMEs deliver a better experience for travelers in their tourism establishment.

Partners for growth and success in the tourism sector

This webinar is part of a large initiative by Globe Business and ABS-CBN DASH. Seeing the effects of the health crisis on countless MSMEs, the two entities signed a partnership for a year-long collaboration to educate, support and lead tourism MSMEs towards digital advertising success. With the technological know-how provided by Globe Business and ABS-CBN’s wide-reaching platforms, the collaboration aims to equip tourism businesses with the appropriate digital advertising capacity to reach their target customers.
“ More than a connectivity and solutions provider, we see ourselves as one of your partners. Our goal is to support your business and accompany you along your journey as we explore ways to restart, recover and be on the path to digital advertising success, ”said Maridol Ylanan, Head of Globe Business’s MSME group strategy and marketing.

Through this partnership, businesses are empowered to expand their digital advertising efforts to other platforms such as ABS-CBN’s high traffic websites and other online properties. He also hopes to make digital advertising more accessible to MSMEs.

“ABS-CBN lives by its philosophy of serving Filipinos and that relates to the service we provide to our MSMEs in partnership with Globe Business,” said Mattel Soliven-Celestino, Head of Digital Revenue at ABS-CBN. “With Globe providing the tools and connectivity to our MSME partners, ABS-CBN via DASH aims to extend its high-reach online platforms by enabling our MSMEs to create their own Always-on digital marketing campaigns to increase levels of awareness of their company. ”

We all want your businesses to grow using the right digital tools. With Globe Business, MSMEs like you have digital tools and solutions designed for businesses, which will help your business progress, all sustainable thanks to the best network in its category, ” Globe Business MSME Group, Market Development Head Donna Paez added.

In the coming months, Globe Business subscribers and tourism business owners can expect more from its partnership with ABS-CBN, including digital advertising learning content on Globe Business Academy and discount vouchers for them. digital ads on ABS-CBN DASH.

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Carmen, Bohol, Philippines. Source of photos: Pexels

For food, travel and entertainment businesses, one of the keys to recovery is embracing digital solutions that will put more spotlight on your business and using them to make the traveler’s journey convenient and memorable. With the help of this partnership between Globe Business and ABS-CBN DASH, any MSME can possibly do it easily.

To start advertising with ABS-CBN DASH, check out their website. For more digital solutions you can visit Globe Business’ website or register here. #TourismsRoadtoRecovery #GlobemyBusiness

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