Dr Barry advises online education to be the future of education in The Gambia –


By Adama Makasuba

Dr Cherno Omar Barry, Vice Chancellor of the International Open University (IOU) in The Gambia, said online education could be the future of education in the country.

Dr Barry made the observation during a press conference at the IOU headquarters on Kanifing and encouraged young Gambians to continue their education as the market is saturated with graduates.

“First of all, access to secondary, primary or basic education has really turned out to be a reality even though we have a lot of places in rural Gambia where people have to walk distances to get access to education. From fundamental cycle to secondary, we can say that we have really encountered access to a very close hundred percent. Our problem now is post-secondary education, university education, “said the best educator.

He observed that almost all universities and higher education institutions are built in Greater Banjul

“If you ask me, sincerely, I’ll tell you that online education could be our future because the International Open University that I chair has demonstrated that if you want to provide access to higher education, you can do it online. online education. E-learning is becoming the norm all over the world. As I speak to you, I am going to an e-learning conference in Rwanda and all African educators are going to meet there and what we are thinking,” he added.

Meanwhile, he continued, “Let me give you an example, when we were going to high school if you have an A level you look for a job and the moment you look for a job they give it to you. If you have an O level and there is an A level guy they don’t even look at you they will take the A level guy. So that means you have to struggle to get an A level to get a good work. And then most of the ministers and permanent secretaries who have been in the civil service before, that’s how they enter the civil service. When you obtain an A level, you are immediately nominated, no questions are asked.

“And later now, if you don’t get a bachelor’s degree, they don’t even look at your grade 12 result, when you look for a job, they ask you if you have a degree. And I’m telling you, these singles are going to be so saturated they’ll start asking if you have a master’s degree.

We will get there. So this means that every one of you should aspire to develop your education by pursuing otherwise, one day you will see yourself running out and a lot of people will be looking for masters and they will saturate the market [and] they will be prime candidates for the right jobs. In case you go for white color jobs but I think you should for skills.

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