Eduauraa makes quality online education easily accessible to students across India


Embodying the vision of Digital India, Eduauraa’s goal is to make quality education accessible across the country. The platform offers English-speaking courses, for grades six to 12, and competitive exams like IIT/JEE, NEET and UPSC – all with cutting-edge technology, to make learning adaptive and, most importantly, enjoyable. The platform’s learning tools include interactive video lectures, live lessons, e-books, quizzes, personalized problem-solving sessions, and counseling.

Brand Ambassador Eduauraa Ranveer Singh and Founder and CEO Akanksha Chaturvedi (Picture: HTCS)

Akanksha Chaturvedi, Founder and CEO of Eduauraa, says, “We hope that with our cutting-edge technology and high-quality and affordable education, we will be able to give guidance to students of all ages, in English, Hindi and in Marathi, equal opportunity. . Over the past year, we’ve improved the customer experience on our app and learning management system by adding enhanced layers of AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and interaction human for customization and tracking progress. We have also launched online educational packs, priced at 4,999 per year and free thereafter, for a period of three months for Zee5 Premium subscribers.

Actor Ranveer Singh, Eduauraa Brand Ambassador, adds, “We strive to make world-class education affordable and accessible using innovation and technology. Our mission is to democratize education in India, so that no student is deprived of quality education due to the high costs of online learning. HTC

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