ENZ Online Education Pilot Extends for Phase 2

First revealed in 2021, ENZ’s project offered 22 online short courses in collaboration with 13 New Zealand training providers. The courses have attracted over 80,000 registrations from over 200 countries.

The second phase of the online education initiative will focus on converting the online audience into a viable business proposition for New Zealand-based education providers.

“This first pilot phase shows that there is an appetite for New Zealand’s online courses, as well as our ability to attract learners into full-time employment – a segment with great growth potential,” ENZ said Managing Director of Partnerships and Marketing, Paul Irwin.

“It also demonstrated the willingness of many in New Zealand’s education sector to strengthen their online presence.

“The next steps are to continue to evolve our offering on FutureLearn and better understand the pros and cons of partnering with existing e-learning brands versus the potential benefits of a brand-only platform. New Zealand company that uses existing and proven technology.”

Since the end of the first phase, the course portfolio has grown to over 30 courses, of which approximately 50% are directly related to a theme related to sustainability or the environment. ENZ hopes to further increase the total number of courses, to at least 40 courses during phase two.

It will also be open to a wider range of subjects and will reinforce proven topics including English language, sustainability and Te Ao/Mātauranga Māori.

The phase two pilot will run from June to September 2022.

In this week’s PIE Chat, the new CEO of FutureLearn Andy Hancock spoke of the opportunity to “leverage new technologies, data to create engaging learning experiences and a more connected experience”.

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