Game Hollywood launches new platform for its online games library and offers prizes


Acclaimed MMO publisher Game Hollywood has launched its own platform, unifying its library of fun and accessible titles under the Game Hollywood Games banner.

This library, in case you forgot, includes hits like Dragon Awaken, Eternal Fury, The Third Age, Survivor Legacy, and many more.

Game Hollywood Games will allow players to access its entire portfolio through a single login. And that’s not all: the platform will also provide information and news for each game on the service, as well as guides and information on upcoming events.

Let’s find out exactly what that means, for those of you who may not be familiar with Game Hollywood’s offerings.

Game Hollywood is an MMO publisher and is now expanding its category to more casual games (still with RPG elements). These also span multiple genres, with RPGs, browser games, MMOs, and more all included. Plus, the collection spans PC and mobile.

Game Hollywood’s biggest titles, like the fantasy MMORPG Dragon Awaken, are truly global, with players logging in from every corner of planet Earth to claim their loot.

The new platform will likely make it easier to discover these games. Once you’ve logged in to play your favorite title, you’ll have quick and easy access to countless others, along with information on how to play them.

And two of those games – MiliGirls Fantasy and Scarlet Fate – have just launched.

MiliGirls Fantasy is a cute idle gacha shooter where you have to assemble an elite team of waifu warriors based on different WWII weapons and vehicles.

Scarlet Fate, on the other hand, is the sequel to the wildly popular and visually stunning Knights of Fantasy. It’s another idle RPG, this time with a fun focus on building relationships with the game’s characters.

You can check out these games, and tons more, by visiting Game Hollywood now.

To celebrate the launch, free gift codes are also up for grabs – you can find the event page here.

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