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NEW DELHI: The Union Ministry of Education on Thursday sounded the alarm over claimed free online content and courses offered by several ed-tech companies for students, saying that in many cases , they unwittingly incentivized vulnerable families to pay for services.

In a notice, the ministry warned that the offer of free services promised by some companies should be carefully evaluated.

“The Ministry of School Education and Literacy has learned that some education technology companies are attracting parents by offering free services and having the electronic funds transfer mandate signed or the debit function activated. automatic, targeting in particular vulnerable families,” he said.

He urged people to avoid the auto-debit option for subscription payment, warning that some ed-tech companies may offer the free-premium business model where many of their services may seem free at first but for To obtain continued access to learning, students must upgrade to a paid subscription.

He asked people to read the terms and conditions before acknowledging acceptance of software or devices because their IP address and personal data may be tracked.

Companies, which have grown rapidly in recent times, have been urged by the Center to pay attention to claims about the services offered.

“Obviously, ed-tech companies that can be considered e-commerce entities need to comply with the rules to avoid untoward liability,” he said.

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