Gujarat schools resume offline classes as state drops online education


Students in Gujarat returned to classrooms on Monday following the state government’s decision to halt the online education system. Saying that the offline study model was much better than attending classes on computers and mobile screens, several students expressed their joy in meeting their friends after a long time.

Reopening of Gujarat Schools: Schools maintain Covid-19 SOPs

Strict adherence to Covid-19 guidelines was maintained by the school administration and students were only allowed to enter the premises after checking their body temperature.

The majority of students could be seen wearing face masks in their classrooms.

Gujarat School Reopening: Big Difference Between Online and Offline Lessons

The principal of a private school in Vadodara remarked: “This is a positive development. There is a big difference between online and offline courses.

“The type of education that one gets offline is not possible through the virtual mode,” he added.

Several students have lost the habit of writing correctly due to prolonged training in online mode, according to officials of some schools.

A school principal from Ahmedabad went on to say, “Physical interaction between students will promote competition, exchange of ideas and ensure their educational and social growth.

He added that the schools will strive to compensate for academic losses and other problems experienced by students in the previous two years as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Physical lessons, according to a class 9 student from a local private school, are far superior to online lessons.

“I prefer the offline mode. We can find out more,” she added.

Some parents also noted that they, too, were happy with the state’s decision to resume physical classes.

However, they then demanded that the Covid-19 vaccination for students under 15 be started as soon as possible.

Reopening of schools in Gujarat: some schools are still continuing physical classes

To ensure students don’t face travel issues, some schools are continuing online classes until bus services return to normal.

Gujarat School Reopening: Offline Classes Only

Last week, the state Department of Education said schools and colleges would not physically hold classes until Monday.

The decision to end the online education system was made due to a substantial drop in Covid-19 cases in the state.

Gujarat School Reopening: Current Covid-19 Scenario

Gujarat recorded 377 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, up from 24,485 cases on January 20, the highest single-day increase so far. According to official data, the number of active cases in the state has fallen to 5,010.

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