Halloween is the focus of online games


October is an exciting month with the seasons changing and the Halloween countdown underway. For fans of online games, it’s not just candy bars and horror movies this year. October 2022 is home to some of the biggest online gaming events of the year. The most popular games have scheduled week-long events.

For Destiny 2 fans, the event has already begun. The Festival of the Lost lasts until the end of the month. Follow the Halloween story and enjoy the Halloween mood. Each player will have candy they can exchange for in-game masks and new festival bounties will also be available to players. The most exciting part of the event is the haunted sectors which will be playable and will include spooky new creatures, such as headless monsters lurking on the moon.

Apex Legends’ Fight or Fright is ongoing and will last until November 1. Shadow Royale is back and will feature fallen legends returning from the dead in their altered shadow form. Game modes will rotate weekly, and there’s still time to have fun with Shadow Royale. The game mode will be available on the Olympus After Dark map from October 25 until the end of the event. Of course, there are also plenty of Halloween skins and fan favorites available in the store throughout the month. It just wouldn’t be the Halloween game without them.

One of the most anticipated in-game events of the season is Fortnite’s Fortnitemares event. The event will be launched on October 18 and will certainly be interesting since it is the second biggest event of the year for the game. Spooky Halloween skins have already started appearing in the Item Shop and will be certainly even better after October 18th. Epic has announced the launch date for Fortnitemares, but that’s the only official information available. We’ve known for years that the card will turn into something suitable for the holidays. It has already started as Grim Gables; a haunted house, replaced Shifty Shafts. It’s safe to assume that there will be event-specific quests to earn lots of extra XP, as well as Halloween decorations and candy consumables that have appeared in previous seasons. There’s speculation of possible crossovers that may have been teased in the announcement, including Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger and The Walking Dead regulars like Negan. We won’t know anything for sure until the event kicks off on October 18th.

The immensely popular Rocket League will launch its Haunted Hallows event on October 19. The event will have added a Halloween twist with Farmstead Arena transitioning into a holiday variant and a Halloween version of Super Cube mode that turns your car-sized ball into a Jack-o-Lantern. Horror fans will be delighted to see many familiar faces make an appearance in the game. Characters including Billy the Puppet from Saw, Chucky from Child’s Play, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Sam from Trick ‘r Treat will all have their own themed items and skins available during the event.

Finally, dubbed the Spooky Fest, Minecraft’s event will last until November 9 this year. The Minecraft Marketplace celebration started on October 4 and includes new adventures, scary monsters, and exciting mini-games. Many themed items are available for purchase, and three free character builder items are offered. In Minecraft Dungeons, it’s become the spookiest fall season ever, and there are dark new seasonal trials to enjoy. Minecraft’s Spooky Fest has something for everyone, no matter which game mode you prefer.

These are some of the biggest titles holding seasonal events, but there are many more. Whichever online game you choose, the Halloween season promises to be spooky for everyone.

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