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If you think it is difficult to integrate your child into a school, instead imagine a school that is suitable for your child. That’s what Pearson Online Academy United Kingdom World does – it puts your child at the center and revolves around their needs.

Built on Pearson’s expertise for over 20 years in designing a comprehensive online learning experience, this academy offers international Pearson Edexcel GCSEs and A Levels to students aged 14-18 from around the world. It aims to enable students to achieve academic excellence through high quality online education and offers a new way for students around the world to study the UK curriculum. Or enhance their college application with exciting electives and rigorous courses in their areas of interest.

Self-management and self-representation

One of the ways Pearson Online Academy United Kingdom World helps students achieve excellence by emphasizing self-management, self-representation and metacognition – reflecting on their own thinking – among students. This is done through activities such as thinking aloud or stopping and taking notes, and by putting thought processes at the center of the questions rather than the content. For example, asking students to visualize and explain how they will approach an independent task, rather than just asking if they have any questions. “Young people who know themselves as learners and are able to propel themselves are significantly better prepared to succeed than their peers who need constant guidance and supervision,” says Jo Vigneron, Director, Pearson Global Online Learning. “Online learning, by its very nature, helps develop these skills, and we very intentionally work to supercharge them. “

Young people who know themselves as learners and are able to propel themselves are significantly better prepared to succeed than their peers who need constant guidance and supervision.

– Jo Vigneron, Director, Pearson Global Online Learning

The school teaches students to recognize physical signs of frustration or confusion, such as increased heart rate, sweat and upper body tension, which indicates that they may have difficulty in understand a lesson. “Increased self-awareness can help students recognize that they need to ask for our help. Teachers always accept questions from students during our LiveLessons, and we teach them how to tell us exactly what they found difficult and the different ways they can share that with us.

Independent and autonomous

At the academy, students are required to take responsibility for their education by setting goals, working independently – including a minimum of 30 hours per week on schoolwork – and exploring their future academic and professional options. Vigneron points out that students who learn to take charge of their own learning succeed more often. Especially when it is supported by the structure of a comprehensive school curriculum, alongside super-curricular activities and support from expert teachers.

The school deploys highly qualified success coaches who support a student at every step, help them with the subjects they are learning, imbue them with time management habits and instill life skills that will be invaluable beyond of university and will prepare students for a successful career in the future. Additionally, its flipped classroom approach specifically makes teachers available for one-on-one sessions with students, for a minimum of one hour per day. Any teacher who has identified that help is needed, based on the student’s use of the interactive study material and self-assessment at the end of the lesson, schedules sessions as needed.

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“Our students are able to take this control, improve their independence and self-discipline, develop transferable skills and intercultural collaboration, strengthen their well-being and become valuable members of society,” he explains. she.

Mix studies and activities

Students are also encouraged to participate in group projects, volunteer, local sporting and arts events, or start clubs on almost any topic in the sun – from artificial intelligence to movies. “At our school, we are loud and clear about our wide range of free extracurricular activities,” explains Vigneron. “So if you’re curious to code, burning to work your journalist muscles through blogging, or if you want to take over the world with your professional chess moves, we’ve got the social event for you.” Clubs, tournaments, competitions and creative spaces at Pearson Online Academy United Kingdom World will keep students’ social life fresh throughout the year, putting classmates in touch with more peers like them.

At home, but not alone

Distance learning usually conjures up images of lonely learners working solo, while looking solemn in front of their screens. Winemaker insists that this is far from the truth. “Here’s an updated picture to keep in mind: a global network of connected students, connecting socially through an activity center, sharing ideas, conversations, culture and laughs. All these learners have to do is connect and open up to possibilities. Vigneron notes that the school strengthens the bond between the students and promotes the development of global and non-local communities. “Online classrooms are typically calm, productive and inclusive environments. Students make strong friends with study-oriented peers. They don’t feel alone.

During group sessions at Pearson Online Academy United Kingdom World, teachers conduct personal interactions through learning portals, inviting active group participation, setting up virtual meeting rooms, and maximizing opportunities for teamwork and collaboration. Participation is open to everyone, and unlike traditional classroom formats, everyone’s progress receives the same attention – there is no room for a student to go unnoticed or invisible. Meanwhile, secure messaging panels provide additional space for students to express their thoughts, solve problems, and seek support from peers or teachers, while staff devote time to building reliable bonds with students and their students. families. “It’s a brilliant training for what’s to come at university and beyond: a carefully curated mix of individual engagement, collective debate, and expression, as well as quiet time for students to progress in their studies.” lessons at a comfortable pace, ”explains Vigneron.

Look ahead

Winemaker believes that online schools have the power to match this fast-paced world of international life and the rapidly expanding social networks that cross borders, oceans and time zones. “From Singapore to Scotland and Dubai to Delhi, a carefully curated online school program will bring together a cohort of young learners, preparing them for a future of transnational friendships that is only missing one thing: boundaries. “

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