How online games are the success story of 2021


The online gaming market had an extremely successful 2020. Indeed, the global gaming market was valued at 162.32 billion in 2020.

A significant part of this value can be attributed to online games. With nearly 60% of the world’s population classified as active internet users, the scope of the industry is enormous.

Online gambling is a recent success on the Internet. As we shall see, this looks set to continue.

Play online in 2020

Online games have increased in 2020 with people becoming interested in the social aspect of gaming against friends online.

This is largely due to the growing sophistication of mobile devices online. The majority of internet users around the world connect to games and sites via smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Cloud computing and mobile gaming

Cloud computing is another big part of this growth in online gaming. Advanced online games can use the cloud server to do the majority of visual rendering and video streaming.

This aspect takes an important part of the computing process away from the device and allows complex games to be played via mobile.


2020 has also seen a surge in popularity in esports. Competitions between professional video game players attract huge viewers who watch online.

The competitions themselves are now commonly referred to as sports and discussions have taken place as to whether they can be part of the Olympic Games.

The industry is another example of how online activity is so deeply embedded in the new public consciousness as part of mass entertainment.

Online games in 2021

The online gambling industry continued its development in 2021.

Many game companies recorded a profitable start to 2021. Online casino companies have seen a significant increase in the number of account holders and players.

Much of this can be attributed to the sense of community players enjoy when connecting with others through play or competition.

Players who participate in online casino games and contests can experience the world of casino virtually. While adopting the video game style of realistic visuals and videos, a player can communicate with other competitors.

This is seen everywhere in online gambling activity. Sharing aspects of social media and technology such as Zoom and Skype, online games offer gamers a chance to connect to a world beyond the screen.

Gaming companies have taken note of the huge crossover appeal of online gaming. The industry has changed a lot in recent years. Players are no longer exclusively techies and computer experts.

These days, online gamers appreciate blurry boundaries where games are just another form of entertainment. Online games are now part of the same equation as sports, online movies and other forms of escapist art.

With a strong emphasis on personal social space, the most successful online games are those that bring out that community to the fullest.

A recent big hit in the online gaming world that demonstrates this is the multiplayer mobile spy game Among Us.

The game asks players to work together or trick each other to uncover clues to a murder mystery. Over 100 million people have downloaded the game.

It was also called the most popular game of all time in terms of active users.

Look forward

Socialization is also key to the popularity of virtual reality games market. Virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) are what many people expect to have a huge effect on gaming and entertainment.

VR systems in games allow players to experience a richly developed world. The games involve taking control of a player’s senses – specifically sight and hearing – to deliver immersive gameplay.

As technology continues to develop, touch, smell and taste may also follow the path of sophistication. Cloud computing is also expected to play a role in how virtual reality and augmented reality technology interacts with users on a practical level.

By reducing costs and making logistics as accessible as possible, extended reality experiences (VR, AR and mixed reality) will be widely mobile.

As the equipment required from headsets becomes more affordable and reliable for home use, more and more people will play. The key to this is understanding that convenience and portability must be present.

Developers understood this and focused on standalone headsets that work with smartphones and mobile devices. Extended reality is believed to be one of the most transformative technology trends of the next five years.

Industry experts expect the extended reality market to see significant growth through 2021 and beyond.

The future certainly looks bright for online games. As the world continues to connect and take advantage of all the possibilities the Internet has to offer, games will continue to grow.

Mobile usage will certainly have a significant impact in this regard. The majority of people have access to a mobile device with internet capability. As more and more people play online games, they will continue to share, broadcast and communicate.

Online socialization and ever more engaging experiences will also play an important role in the continued success of online gaming.

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