How seniors master online banking

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Seniors find online banking demystified after the ASB workshops.

Michael Brannigan can roughly name the day his lack of internet skills began – in 1988, when he quit his job in the auto industry to become a farmer.

Now 69, Brannigan is one of hundreds of people over 65 who attend ASB’s Better Banking Workshops to learn how to master online banking.

He needed the workshop, he says, because – accidentally badly chosen – he quit his job to go into farming just as the boss announced that the business was going fully computerized: “So I missed everything that would have probably given me more confidence. “

Instead, he embarked on a career as a dairy farmer near Dargaville – a profession that didn’t involve a lot of computers at the time – and entered the first of his 32 years of farming. Now he is in the process of managing a small beef farm because, he says, “I was tired of waking up at 4:45 am every day.”

Like many over 65, he and his wife used checks to pay their bills and manage their finances, but he knew his computer skills (“I knew next to nothing”) needed to be improved and jumped on. the opportunity to attend the Better Banking workshop in Dargaville. in March.

His first effort to learn more about computers failed: “My father-in-law was pretty good at computers, so about 15 years ago I asked him to teach me a lesson. computers, he wasn’t much of a teacher. He threw in a few things and then let me do it. “

It didn’t work, although Brannigan kept trying. He bought a computer and slowly learned to e-mail and visit a few websites for reading – “but I can’t do anything technical”. However, he was still wary of the Internet for the same reason many over 65s were: “I was nervous about it because I had heard so many horrible stories about people getting ripped off not just for the sake of it. a few hundred dollars but for thousands of dollars. . “

This fear of being scammed is a common barrier for older people considering online banking. ASB research shows they’re not only afraid of getting ripped off, they’re also afraid of making mistakes when banking online – and forgetting passwords.

What made Brannigan’s visit to the Better Banking Workshop so rewarding, especially since he congratulated the ASB team: “I was really, really impressed. They pointed out several things to us – there were about eight people there – but the really valuable time was the one-on-one tutoring we all had.

“The ability of this team that taught us was so good – they were straightforward, almost like they were talking to a friend, and they didn’t mind someone asking a question – even though that question seemed strange to others. people there. “

Brannigan says he still wouldn’t describe himself as “confident” using ASB FastNet Classic internet banking service on his computer, but says his confidence is growing.

“I certainly pay bills online; it’s still a bit difficult but i get better every time i do it. I managed to make a mistake by using the wrong account to pay a bill – but I was able to fix that. “

Meanwhile, Claire Young, 83, of Mangawhai, had similar concerns about online banking. She was also afraid of being the victim of scams. She has never had a computer – “I just don’t have an electronic mind,” but now uses her smartphone to do online banking after attending a recent ASB Better Banking workshop in Wellsford.

Her big step forward was moving most of her bills to direct debit instead of using checks, and the workshop allowed her to set up her phone for online banking, although she admits that she continues to learn and takes small steps.

“I use it partly to check my accounts. I still have a few bills that are not direct debit, as I have a spot in the Coromandel and I have the lawns mown here – and you never know when this is. invoice will leave come.

“I paid it once online so I wouldn’t say I’m still confident but I’m lucky to have a stepdaughter who shows me a lot and I work with the phone and the booklet that I received from the workshop which is very helpful The workshop was excellent – they showed us a video and then explained things individually.

“There are still a few things that bother me but once I get the hang of it and do it once, I don’t forget.”

ASB’s assistance to customers to facilitate their day-to-day banking operations includes:

ASB Help Center – step-by-step guides explaining how to register for “Fastnet Classic online banking services” and the “ASB Mobile Banking app”, and the specific features of the two online services, such as transfers or paying someone a. to do

Workshops for a better bank – Workshops in ASB branch organized by local teams, educating clients on banking options and one-on-one meetings with a member of the ASB team to answer specific questions and help set up online banking if necessary.

Priority telephone line 65 years and over – a dedicated telephone line to support clients aged 65 and over with banking needs. 0800 272 119

ASB FastPhone – direct access to accounts at any time of the day or night, whether to move money, pay bills or simply check your balance.
To configure FastPhone, call 0800 803 804

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