HSBC apologizes for online banking confusion that angered customers


HSBC apologized for advising its customers that they may not be able to use online banking services outside of town, reiterating that they can continue to use the services even if they are not in Hong Kong and did not intend to change these policies. In a statement, HSBC said that customers in Hong Kong can “continue to access banking services through online banking and mobile banking outside of Hong Kong” and “that there are no plans to change any. services”.

In addition, the bank has “consolidated the” HSBC Internet Banking Terms and Conditions “and the” HSBC HK Mobile Banking App and Mobile Security Key Terms and Conditions “into one document”, allowing customers to ” access it in one place.

In a previous customer advisory on Tuesday, the bank issued new terms, effective July 26, in simpler language to help customers understand and be fairer to them. However, the updated terms immediately angered customers, as they stated that online and mobile banking is for Hong Kong customers to use in the city, and asked people not to use, download, distribute online or mobile banking services outside of Hong Kong if they are not HSBC customers.

The terms also stated that if users use or download online or mobile banking services outside of town, the bank may not be allowed to provide products and services to them in the century or region where they are located or reside. .

After a public outcry, especially among the Hong Kong community in foreign countries, the bank later apologized and said it was not considering any changes to services. Additionally, HSBC said there are similar cross-border disclosures in other markets.

According to a report by Ming Pao, the bank did not explain why it rolled out the original terms and conditions and advised users not to use the services in overseas countries. Meanwhile, its sister company Hang Seng Bank said its customers can use its mobile app in foreign countries, but cannot use some of its functions due to regulations imposed by the country or region in which they find themselves.

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