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BENGALURU: Two women approached the police to ask for a divorce because their husbands were seriously addicted to online gambling, jeopardizing their marital life. The women, in two separate cases, had approached the Bangalore City Police Women’s Hotline.

One of the complainant’s husbands admitted that he had pawned his property and taken out loans to play poker. A total of Rs 32 lakh was lost during the games, they said. The second complainant’s husband had stolen money from the bank, where he worked and ended up losing Rs 35 lakh, the complaint said.

The wife of an IT worker from Hebbal, Bangalore, was one of those who approached the police to seek a divorce. She had gone to Vanitha Sahayavani Family Counseling Center which is under the Bengaluru Police. The couple got married three years ago. Her husband participated in online gambling and lost all his money. Later, he took out a high interest loan of Rs 32 lakh. However, soon he also lost the loan money. This led to problems in their marriage, as a result of which the wife decided to divorce. “He started playing online for fun but quickly got hooked. He lost a huge sum in 2020 and in a bid to recover the lost money he pledged a plot of land which he owned and also took out loans from many people at high interest rates,” the woman said.

Another woman, an Austin Town resident, also approached authorities to file for divorce citing similar reasons. The woman, who is a former IT professional, had approached the government’s Parihar Family Counseling Center with a grievance about her husband’s online gambling addiction. “My husband was a cashier in a large private bank. He started playing rummy online during lockdown. He started stealing money from his bank but was caught recently and fired. It was when he lost his job that I realized he was addicted,” the woman said. In Bangalore, many young people are addicted to online gambling, police said. For this reason, the family life of many is turned upside down. We are receiving several complaints on similar grounds, police said.

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