Importance of eBooks in Online Education


This period of online education is witnessing the widespread use of eBooks as study resources and materials. Unlike the conventional mode of extensive use of physical books, this era of “home study” popularized the use of eBooks by students. Teachers, while teaching through the class app or discussing any answers in the LMS and ERP, can extract huge benefits from eBooks. You wonder how? Teachers can share the e-books on the screen while taking lessons, thus facilitating the teaching and learning process in online classrooms.

Learning just got easier because students can easily read the study topics from any device, anywhere, anytime. The most amazing thing about eBooks is that students can complete their program just using eBooks instead of going for the physical copies of the books. In this blog, we’ll share with you the various benefits that eBooks bring to the table.

What are eBooks?

EBooks or eBooks are digital versions of printable, visually rich, portable, and compatible books in various formats and platforms. You can easily download any eBook you need from the internet and save it to any device you want, be it your laptop, smartphone, laptop, etc. can be used by anyone since almost all physical books of different standards now come with their respective digital versions.

It has been observed that e-books make the learning process quite interactive for parties – students and teachers. Students find it more interesting to learn from digital versions of books. As a result, the importance of eBooks will accelerate all the more in the coming days.

Benefits of eBooks and Online Education

# 1: Offers great flexibility to students

EBooks help students tackle any topic and start learning anytime, anywhere, with just the push of a smartphone or laptop. The fact that e-books are portable increases the flexibility of students in their study program. Usually everyone at least carries their smartphone wherever they go. As a result, they can easily access their program books as e-books and start studying.

# 2: e-boooka are economical

The escalation of book prices on the market is not unknown to us. While a part of a people may not have difficulty in purchasing the books at higher prices, there is always a certain group of people who cannot afford to purchase the books necessary for their studies. Since eBooks don’t charge a single penny, and almost everyone has at least one smartphone in the family, these digital books have become great budget options. Just download the book and start reading!

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# 3: eBooks are equipped with interactive and ideal study tools

Besides containing the main text, eBooks come with several useful tools that help students during their studies. E-books features and tools include highlight options, annotators, “zoom in” and “zoom out” page options, say aloud, search bar, and more. All of these help in their own way to help students study effectively. They can easily highlight any important line of text or use the search bar to navigate to topics or chapters they need to learn. They can even adjust the screen brightness so they can read lines comfortably without having to put up with the device’s dazzling light.

# 4: eBooks can be viewed even in offline mode

Just because eBooks are digitized versions doesn’t mean you have to rely on the internet 24/7. Even if a network connectivity issue arises, you can continue to read your lessons. You wonder how? Well, just by downloading it! Once downloaded, you can access it offline at any time.

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Final words

EBooks are great options for maximizing the learning reach of students in this era of online education by leveraging LMS and ERP portals. The rich illustrations in the books add to the thrill and excitement of the students while learning. The portability of digital texts and the total flexibility they bring are sure to improve the academic performance of students in the present and future days as well.

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