It’s a daily perplexity with online games


Every once in a while you come across something on the internet that seems to have value or is worth it. The “erdle” craze fits that bill for me. These are online games that refresh every day and are designed to give you a few minutes of entertainment in an otherwise hectic world. Wordle ( is the first one I came across. Your challenge in Wordle is to guess the word of the day. The word is always random and has five letters. Puzzle designers avoid using plurals or tenses on words.

For those familiar with Wordle, there’s Quordle ( which lets you play four Wordle puzzles at once. You are given nine guesses to solve the four puzzles, which can be quite a challenge.

For music lovers, there are two music-themed games: Heardle ( is a version of the old “Name That Tune” contest. You get a very short snippet of a song from which you have to guess the song. If you need, you can add extra seconds to the song up to a total of 16 seconds. The difference between Heardle and “Name That Tune” is that the song snippet is from the very beginning of the recording, not from a more recognizable place in the melody line. Byrdle ( has a choral music theme. Rather than guessing at a song, it provides a six-letter word puzzle that is somehow tied to choral music terminology. It can be a composer’s last name, song dynamics, or anything else related to choral music.

If you love geography, Globle ( is the game for you. Your challenge is to guess the country of the day among all the countries in the world. As you guess a country at random, the puzzle tells you if your last guess is cold or hot relative to the country you’re trying to guess. You keep guessing until you identify the target country. It’s a great way to learn about world geography, and for me, it tends to get me deep into some of the lesser known countries.

Other games of the same genre exist. These are the ones that marked me.

As mentioned earlier, these puzzles refresh every midnight and have become a quick and harmless source of fun every day. Among my family and friends, they are a bit of fun and provide friendly competition as we share our results with each other. Be sure to check them out!

By the way, do you know the best way to get a stable internet? Install a modem in your barn.

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