Know which online games are likely to have a negative effect on your children


Here we look at online games that have a negative effect on your children

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Online games are gaining popularity these days. Online games are human-computer interaction. There are many online games for children. Some online games help them have fun, learn and improve their thinking skills. On the other hand, there are few games that negatively affect children’s minds. Scientists have observed that action video game players show better attention, better motor control ability and better short-term memory. But the way the action shooter uses their brain to navigate changes the impact games have on their nervous system. Parents feel that these games are a waste of time. Playing a violent video is bad for children. This is why some children become violent and involved in antisocial activities. There are pros and cons to all online games. Many games are of extreme use and help children learn, develop skills, increase their thinking skills, etc. and make them smart. Playing games changes the physical structure of the brain. On the other hand, online games have negative effects on your children. Here we know the online games that may hurt your kids.

The most important is the content of online games. This content in the game plays an important role. Online games are to blame for the violence they contain. If children frequently play more violent games, there are risks of more aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in children. There is a decrease in social activities. Children may be addicted to these types of games and they may lose concentration in studies as well as other things. In many games, children are rewarded for their violence. Due to this there is repeated violence and the child experiences the violence in his own eyes like killing, kicking, stabbing and shooting. Gambling addiction can lead to a mental health disorder. There are risks of depression and anxiety in children. Moreover, it is a fact that children who are addicted to online games do poorly in school.

Playing too many video games can socially isolate your child. In addition, he places more importance on games and less importance on other activities such as homework, reading books, sports and interaction with family. Few games confuse reality and fantasy. Also, in most games, bad values ​​are taught. In some games, the woman is portrayed as a weaker, powerless, or sexually provocative character. All this content in online games is likely to hurt your children.

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