Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland DOWN online banking – with accounts showing £ 0

Customers at Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland appear to be struggling to access their money this morning with user reports showing complaints about online banking services and apps.

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Several online platforms across the UK are having issues

Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers struggled to access their accounts this morning following technical issues at all three banks.

Complaints on social media show people were unable to use both mobile banking and apps.

Lloyds Bank customers were unable to access their money online today


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Some people have said that they are temporarily unable to see their balances online with accounts showing they have no money.

Customers had contacted the banks, all three owned by Lloyds Banking Group, on Twitter.

Halifax users also complained about issues this morning


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One person said, “What’s going on? Mobile banking has been down for at least two hours now. I have bills to pay and money to transfer.

Another said: “Lloyds, it appears mobile banking is down. Cannot see October transactions and balance showing NA on all accounts.”

A third tweeted: “Is anyone else having difficulty with the Halifax app? It says all of my information is not available and my balance is at zero.”

Another said: “Isn’t the Halifax app working? “

Did you have trouble accessing your money this morning? Let us know: mirror.money.saving@mirror.co.uk

DownDetector outage tracking showed the problems started around 6 a.m. with 2,000 people complaining of technical difficulties with Lloyds Bank.

Halifax recorded a peak of around 1,000 people, while 600 people complained about the Bank of Scotland.

Lloyds Banking Group apologized for the problems and told the Mirror that their service should now be fixed.

Customers should now be able to view their balances again, he added.

A spokesperson said: “We know that some of our customers have temporarily had problems viewing their account information.

“We’re sorry for this and it’s now back to normal.”

Are you entitled to a refund in the event of bank glitches?

If your banking services are down, you are automatically not entitled to any compensation – rather it depends on the impact of the outage on you.

For example, if it caused you to miss an invoice or some sort of payment.

It also depends on how long the outage was and how quickly the bank worked to resolve it.

Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland each have dedicated pages online to help you file a complaint.

If you are planning to file a complaint, you need to gather evidence on how service issues have affected you and for how long.

For example, if it caused you to miss an invoice or if it affected your credit score.

If you are in desperate need of access to your money but your online services are down, you can go to your local bank branch to withdraw your funds as usual.

If you don’t have a bank branch nearby or can’t get there, try calling your bank or contacting them on social media to ask what to do.

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