Making money with online games is a bad bet

Chances are that at least once, while bored or trying to relax, you’ve played a game on your phone or tablet. Our phones make it easy to escape to a quick diversion when we have a few spare minutes.

You can play all kinds of games for money, from head-to-head Pac-Man matches to virtual slots. Some gaming sites allow you to make in-game purchases in exchange for the chance to win money. As appealing as it may sound, it’s best to enter with your eyes open to your chances of earn money.

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Companies like GSN and Dollar Candy support popular mobile games and turn them into tournaments. You can earn in-app money or points this way, but it’s a lot like gambling.

When playing a cash game at any of GSN’s properties, you must pay cash for the chance to win money. These games have a low entry fee with the promise of a potentially higher prize for victory. For example, you can play a 90 cent game in Sparcade, one of GSN’s apps, for a chance to win $1.40. You can also play for higher stakes like a $3.75 game for a chance to win $6. To participate in gambling on GSN, you must load your account with at least $10. There is no guarantee that you will get your money back.

Dollar Candy is pretty much the same thing. It has a lower entry price, with some games as cheap as 9 cents, but games that cost more are less likely to net you real money. Even a mid-level game at an entry fee of $4.99 has a pretty steep drop. If you win first place you will win $10.18, for second you will win $5.27 and for third you will win only $1.43. Subtract the $4.99 it costs to play, and you can see that even a healthy third-place finish is a losing proposition. If you’re playing a game of skill, like a puzzle game or solitaire, these contests always have an element of luck.

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If you don’t mind the uncertainty of this type of gambling, rewards sites like Swagbucks help you earn cash rewards. Swagbucks offers between 9 and 18 points for every dollar spent or earned in a partnership game, such as those at Slotomania and GSN. That equates to about 18 cents on the dollar, but you’ll get more value if you take advantage of Swagbucks sales. If you’re already a regular consumer of GSN games and a user of Swagbucks, this could be a great deal for you. If not, there are better ways to get money back.

There’s nothing wrong with getting spare money for what you’re already doing. But if you’re trying to get some quick cash, or even increase your monthly budget, look elsewhere.

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