MindEdge offers a Certified Online Marketing Associate (OMCA™) test preparation program

BOSTON, July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — MindEdge Learning announced today that it will now offer the Online Marketing Certified Associate (OMCA™) test preparation program. Completely online and self-paced, it provides comprehensive OMCA certification exam preparation and includes a prepaid exam voucher.

OMCP, a leader in digital marketing certification, maintains OMCA certification as a global standard. The OMCA certification verifies the skills, training and experience needed to lead digital marketing initiatives. More than 900 universities and training institutes teach according to OMCA standards worldwide and thousands of leading companies prefer to hire professionals with OMCA and OMCP accreditations.

“We are delighted that those looking to prepare for OMCA certification can turn to MindEdge Learning courses which show exceptional quality and coverage of required digital marketing skills,” said Michael Stebbins, president and administrator of the OMCP. “We are thrilled to partner with MindEdge to expand access to digital marketing education.”

“In the era of remote recruiting, employers are increasingly looking for candidates with certificates that underscore and verify their expertise,” said Jefferson Flanders, CEO of MindEdge Learning. “OMCA meets this standard as a highly regarded certification based on real-world practice and backed by the nation’s leading digital marketing association.”

To obtain OMCA certification, a candidate must prove:

  • A passing score on the OMCA exam
  • The equivalent of secondary (secondary) or higher education
  • Either 600 hours of experience or successful completion of an approved course such as MindEdge’s test preparation program

MindEdge’s OMCA test preparation program covers strategic questions, marketing methods and tactics, industry terminology, and best practices. It features examples, videos from industry-leading practitioners, interactive games, and review questions to ensure mastery of the material. Individual courses in the OMCA program include:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Advertising (with PPC)
  • mobile-marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • OMCA™ Practice Exam

MindEdge is an OMCP registered education provider. Upon successful completion of the MindEdge OMCA™ program, students are encouraged to download and print a certificate of completion, including an OMCA™ online exam voucher (retail value $225) and a code for two mock exams.

About MindEdge
MindEdge’s mission is to improve the way the world learns. Since its creation in 1988 by Harvard and MIT educators, the company has served some 2.5 million learners. With a focus on digital learning resources – from academic courseware to professional development courses – MindEdge’s approach to best practice in online education focuses on the needs of learners across the spectrum. higher education, professional development, vocational training and continuing education. MindEdge is based on Waltham, Mass.

About OMCP
OMCP is a certification standard and industry association that maintains competency and examination standards for online marketing in coordination with industry leaders. OMCP staff provide certification verification and accreditation for individual practitioners, agencies and educational institutions. OMCP publishes competency standards used for program and employee evaluation, industry body of knowledge, certification exams, readiness tests, and podcasts related to best practices in online marketing. OMCP does not provide training. It is an independent standard, not tied to any particular platform, training provider, agency or vendor. OMCP’s mission is to continually improve the standards of practice, education and employment of online marketers.

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