MP’s government to introduce tough law to rule online gambling: Home Secretary


Following the suicide of an underage boy addicted to online gambling, the Madhya Pradesh government is preparing a draft proposal modeled on similar legislation in states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

The strict measures even include banning online games on mobile phones. In addition, online game companies would also be subject to investigation by investigative agencies.

There are a number of parents who do not know how to control the excessive habit of mobile games in underage children.

One of these children, Tejaswi, is studying in senior KG and spends long hours playing mobile games and his mother has no idea how to get rid of him. Hailing from the swanky Arera Colony, Tejaswi spends day and night on mobile games and her parents are very concerned about her health.

Asked to choose his favorite mobile game, Tejaswi innocently says that he likes the game which requires him to shoot bullets continuously. As a result, the toddler also has neck pain.

Lockdown period has led to increased presence of screens on laptops and mobile phones as parents have no choice but to offer laptops or phones to take online lessons, says Sarita Singh , mother of Tejaswi to News18.

She added that the increased presence of screens has led to health problems like itchy eyes and back pain. Other children are also reporting similar issues, she said.

Mobile gaming is taking on dangerous proportions as children even turn to suicide, Home Minister Narottam Mishra said, adding that the state government was exploring options such as banning such games or investigation in the event of a complaint. Measures include banning such websites or apps or imposing sanctions and penalties.

The project will be prepared in about a month, the minister said. An 11-year-old boy addicted to the online mobile game Free Fire had ended his life in Bhopal a few days ago.

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