My online bank account has been frozen so often I call it ice cube

Isn’t it amazing that people come to your house or office, mess up and say, hey what’s your password, I need to log in, I have no data. Why would I give you my password when the idea is to keep it secret? And now that our lives are being held to ransom by this Internet insurgent and we curl up in fear of the fallout from oblivion, why would I spill it like butter?

Of course, this courtesy can only be extended if I remember it, considering how complex and demanding passwords are now. At first they were just freedom fighters and you got away with your date of birth and the first three initials of a child and the first three of the second and if you had three children it was both. first letters and you found Sitaam or Nayka, and if you were smarter than the big unwashed masses, you made the first three and the last three letters like Nananks or Ambix. Even then, the password was a relatively benign part of your life. Now you are obsessed. You use it to access your bank, make purchases, send money, view and pay your bills, access a social platform, watch a movie, start and charge your phone, even one day to start breathing.

And that simple 4-letter code has turned terrorist, with each agency demanding a more complex password with sensitivity to upper case, lower case, symbol and the like, apparently for your added security, with blood pressure and stress being free additions. . All you get is utter chaos as those passwords breed like rabbits on steroids. Last count, I had 17 apps which now became Ambi $$ bix21 and ka #% sits24 and also Z and N by connecting dots, all making the caption “forgot password” required reading.

Also, if you have big, goofy fingers like me, the second legend kicks in. “You’re past your chances” is a common occurrence and I live in fear. My online bank account has been frozen so many times that I call it ice cube.

Write them down, says a friend, and code them like adding a fake symbol and a letter that only you know. So I did this by changing the first letter and the last to one so Nan && £ pank was secretly written as Oan && £ panl and then the ordeal intensified because now I have to remember what I did , was it this one at the top of a letter, at the bottom of a number, is it correct? I only have one try left, woe to me. Not so long ago the only password was “open sesame” and no symbol was involved. Lucky Alibaba.



This article is all about making you smile. Any connection to real life events and characters is a coincidence.


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