Nationwide online banking is down as users complain of an outage


Nationwide’s online banking service is down, leaving thousands of customers without access to funds or transfers.

The outage has been going on since 7am this morning (December 21) and the issues persist.

Customers reported problems accessing and transferring funds on the website and mobile banking app.

On Twitter, Nationwide initially told customers they were “not aware of any issues” but would look into it immediately. They have since said they are working to resolve it, but without estimating how long it will take.

Due to transfer delays resulting from the outage, customers have been advised not to attempt any further transfers until the issue has been resolved.

At 3 p.m., Nationwide responded to a customer asking when he could expect services to return to normal, saying “At the moment we don’t have an exact time, but our team is working hard during as we speak to ensure this is resolved as soon as possible.” The company also said updates would be provided on its website.

Customers have tweeted about their concerns the outage could continue until Christmas and they fear the payments they are trying to make to people will not be made. However, card payments in stores are still ongoing.

“Can you at least give us an answer @AskNationwide? This is costing me and others money and it’s more than a joke that you stayed silent,” one frustrated customer tweeted. at noon, five hours after the problems began.

“This should be resolved immediately. Fix this now – people need money for Christmas and to make payments,” another wrote at 3pm, with the issues still lingering.

“Does anyone know what’s going on because I’ve been waiting since 8:30 for this money to get to someone’s bank,” another said.

Meanwhile, a customer sympathized with Nationwide staff and said: ‘So sorry to anyone working on the phone at Nationwide today. No payments on or off accounts… over Christmas.’

At 6 p.m. on December 21, Nationwide tweeted a statement and apologized for the inconvenience.

At 1am on December 22, Nationwide tweeted and told customers that the backlog of payments in a queue had been cleared and normal service should resume. However, some customers were still reporting issues. Nationwide responded to customers on Twitter who said they were still having issues.

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