Netflix Reveals Online Games for ‘Queen’s Gambit,’ ‘Money Heist,’ and Other Original Shows


Netflix has embarked on a foray into the competitive world of gaming and on the last day of its Geeked Week 2022, the platform announced several new online games based on its original content.

These 4 new games are based on popular Netflix series The Queen’s Bet, Money theft (“La Casa de Papel”), shadow and bone and Too hot to handle.

The very first game ordered by Netflix was for series stranger things, the hit sci-fi drama. There are now several games available based on this show.

Ripstone Ltd (UK) is the developer of The Queen’s Gambit: Chess, which pays homage to the award-winning drama.

La Casa De Papel, the game, is developed by Killasoft (Colombia) and focuses on the La Casa de Papel team as they are drawn into a heist to rob a sleazy billionaire’s casino in Monaco in favor of an old friend of the professor.

Developed by Chimera Entertainment (Germany), Shadow And Bone: Destinies is a single-player role-playing game based on the fantasy drama series that features journeys through the world of the Grishaverse.

Too Hot To Handle, the game, is the very first game based on a Netflix reality franchise and is developed by Nanobit (Croatia).

Netflix also announced a number of other games, including Desta: The Memories Between, Reigns: Three Kingdom, Lucky Luna, Terra Nil, Poinpy, Wild, Spiritfarer Raji: An Ancient Epic, and Wild Things: Animal Adventures.

These ad-free games are available exclusively to Netflix subscribers at no additional cost.

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