New neontools, the free 8 in 1 online marketing toolkit that makes digital tools accessible to everyone



Luxembourg-based neon marketing technology is launching a new version of ‘neontools’, the essential tools platform for any creator, marketer or digital entrepreneur looking to grow their online presence. With its completely redesigned SaaS product, the startup offers cutting edge technology and introduces paid plans for premium features.

With the first version of its product, the Luxembourg team behind neontools already generated more than 50,000 registrations and convinced many creators around the world of its value: eight essential online marketing tools in one, all for free. Now with its updated version, neon marketing technology goes a little further. What was once created by company co-founder and CEO Misch Strotz to make the work of his team and clients more efficient has now been completely redesigned and redesigned by a team of in-house and independent developers led by CTO Carlos Gonser. . As a result, Neontools “2.0” not only includes most of the long-awaited features of users, but has also become easier to use, more efficient and faster – making it a scalable SaaS platform that can compete with the market. global level. As the Neon Marketing tech team puts it, “neontools is now better than ever, but free as always.”

“Neontools is our technology for the designer economy. “

– Misch Strotz, CEO, co-founder of Neon Marketing Technology

An all-in-one tool designed by and for passionate online marketers

Developed two years ago, the first version of neontools has already gained traction with thousands of users, spanning the world, from Europe to the United States, including Australia, Brazil and many others. country. Trying to make life easier for them and their clients, the founding team of neon marketing technology quickly realized that more passionate digital creators like them were facing the same problem of using a multitude of digital media. ‘tools to develop online. They wanted to create a different tool so that instead of using Bitly, Linktree, Hashtagify, and Hype Auditor separately, digital creators like them could use one tool. So they decided to create something that would be simple to use, beginner friendly, and accessible to make it easier for anyone to become a digital creator or entrepreneur.

“The very first prototype of neontools was born in 2018 because we were annoyed by the multitude of different tools we needed for online marketing.”

– Karim Youssef, Co-founder & CMO of Neon Marketing Technology.

The growth of the neontools user base itself has been mainly accelerated by many influencers on TikTok who praised the tool for being free and extremely useful because of its set of eight essential tools that digital creators can use on a daily basis to grow their online presence effectively and efficiently. Neontools includes some classics like a URL shortener, called, a hashtag analyzer, a social audit tool or a QR code generator.

Besides its ease of use, neontools has always been free and will remain so. In addition, some paid customization features are now available in version 2.0 of the product:

  • now includes a domain customization feature for € 5 / $ 5.90 per month.
  • offers the ability to create easy, simple and eye-catching micro-websites for portfolio websites or social media bios – with a new domain personalization feature for € 5 / $ 5.90 per month.

Neontools also includes tools to help online marketers create effective social media campaigns on Instagram:

  • A Hashtag Analyzer to compare the use of different hashtags and be inspired by the associated niche hashtags to create effective Instagram posts.
  • a Instagram audit tool identify, analyze and bring together influencers with a large and engaged audience.

Finally, neontools also helps online marketers and agencies create successful online ads with a range calculator compare the potential reach of ads on different platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram. For example, users can find the right audiences for their Facebook ads through its Facebook interest browser.

“At neon, our mission has always been to equip digital creatives with the best possible skills and tools to get the most out of their work. “

– Misch Strotz, CEO, co-founder of Neon Marketing Technology

A new scalable version to compete with the best and evolve

To continuously grow its user base, the new neontools have been completely redesigned to become an overall better, faster and more powerful product. Neontools has grown from a passionate one-man project to a scalable technology platform with the help of CTO Carlos Gonser – former Engineering Manager at Docler Holding who joined the company in February 2021 – and his team of developers and designers (Mitchio Weber, Ludovic Cordier, Julie Wieland, Daniel Wahl and Vinicius Seganfredo). Neontools has been completely rebuilt to bring its design and performance to the level of software tools developed in Silicon Valley while remaining a primed Luxembourg company.

“We now have a cutting edge technology stack that will pave the way for many more exciting updates in the future. “

Carlos Gonser, CTO of Neon Marketing Technology

Neontools 2.0 is just one step towards scaling up neon marketing technology operations. Then they set out to make digital tools accessible to as many people as possible – their next goal is to reach 1 million users. The 8-in-1 SaaS solution is part of a larger vision to make online marketing easier for everyone and to share the company’s passion for social media and digital entrepreneurship with a wider audience. Among others, the startup also built the neo-academy since 2020 – an e-learning platform that offers online courses to make the growing designer economy accessible to everyone.

“Having access to powerful data services is important when you want to grow a business, but not everyone has the time, skills or money to invest. We want to change that by creating a platform that is accessible, free and easy to use for as many people as possible. ”

Misch Strotz, CEO, Co-Founder of Neon Marketing Technology


We help brands and institutions improve their online and social media presence, with the long-term goal of making our clients independent in terms of online marketing. To support this vision, we have developed, an online marketing toolkit, as well as, a video learning platform.

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