Notice for fraud through children’s online games issued


State Cyber ​​cell has issued an opinion regarding the trend of playing online games, children from most households insist on getting their own mobile or playing online games using parents’ mobile and for the level following or buying an avatar, weapon or dress online payment is required, which children can make through online banking or their parents’ debit and credit cards and trapped by fraudsters.

ADG Choudhary said that today we see children competing with each other to play online games. Often, children save the card and bank details in the payment method of the game itself, thanks to which only OTP is obliged to make the next payment and delete them, which parents do not know.

By the time the parents learn about the money deduction, they have already lost thousands of lakhs. Often children take a wrong step in this depression because of which parents suffered a lot or were burdened with the debt of many people in the market. Many such cases are heard.

Monitor children’s online activity. Enable Parental Control on Play Store, etc. on the mobile of all family members. Parents should not give their mobile phone to their children and should not reveal their password to children, especially when the same phone number linked to your bank account is used in the mobile SIM set.

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