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In business, competition is the key to success. From the shoes on your feet to the phone in your hands, every product you own got there through ruthless business decisions. Fintech startups have pushed many banks towards online and digital banking solutions to expand their service delivery to customers beyond their branch walls.

In Uganda, a few banks have taken the initiative to allow customers to open new bank accounts online without visiting a bank branch. Here is the list of all the banks in Uganda where you can create an online bank account and how to create the account?

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1. Stanbic Bank Uganda

You can register an online account with Stanbic Bank and it is available to Ugandans, refugees and foreigners with the right documents i.e. residence permit or valid visa. Before starting the application, here is a summary of the requirements needed before registering an account with Stanbic Bank Uganda:

  • You will need clear photos of your national ID card, a clear selfie that shows both ears,
  • a photo of your signature written on a piece of white paper. Please note that all these photos must be taken by your smartphone (in .jpeg format) before launching the application.
  • During the application process, be sure to attach a registered phone number in your name.
  • A valid national ID for Ugandans and valid documents for foreigners.

We explained in detail how you can open a Stanbic bank account online in our previous blog which you can read here. However, here is a summary of step-by-step procedures on how you can do it;

  • The first step: Check that you have all the requirements and visit the official Stanbic Bank website or click this link here to get started.
  • Second step : Scroll down on the website and on the section of ” Ready to start” Click on the button “Open an account here”.
  • Third step: Follow the next steps and complete all fields from steps 1-4.
  • Fourth step: Share the reference number after the application with the Stanbic either on their social media so they can arrange a video call to verify your details or visit a Stanbic branch near you to verify the account and make your first deposit to activate the account.

2. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank was a pioneer of digital banking in Uganda. They closed the majority of their branches across the country and turned to what was coined as digital mobile banking and introduced a Digital life account that you can create online.

You can learn more about the Digital Life account below. How do I create one and how does the account work?

READ MORE: How does the Standard Chartered Digital Life account work and how do I open one?

3. Equity Bank Uganda

Equity Bank Uganda has decided to tread digital banking waters with a USSD-led approach and allows customers to open an account using their featured phones through a USSD shortcode.

All you have to do is make sure the phone number you use matches your national ID card details. Here are the instructions on how you can open an Equity Bank ordinary account using USSD short code *247#;

  • The first step: Dial *247#
  • Second step : Enter NIN. Enter the ID card number and select send
  • Third step: Proceed and accept the T/C (terms and conditions). You will receive messages confirming your account and mobile banking. Also, be sure to deposit into the account within 30 days to prevent it from being closed.

4. KCB Bank Group Uganda

Here are 6 simple steps to open a KCB account online in Uganda;

  • The first step: Visit and click on the online account opening in the top menu bar or simply click on this link here.
  • Second step : Choose between Customer Where Agent and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Third step: Enter your number and email, then submit the OTPs sent to you.
  • Fourth step: Click on “Start a new app” to enter your details and required documents. Follow the next steps and fill in all the required details.
  • Fifth step: Choose your preferred account and submit the required details.
  • Sixth step: Activate and fund your account to start enjoying next-level banking with KCB

And that’s it for our guide to banks in Uganda where you can open a bank account online and the steps on how to set one up. Let us know in the comments section your thoughts and if we skipped or missed a bank so we can update the article.

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