Online education apps are at an impasse

With the physical reopening of schools after the COVID pandemic and for various other reasons, including a high level of dissatisfaction among students and parents, online coaching seems to be losing steam.

Some of the edtech start-ups, for example, got trapped in fund issues on top of other start-up issues. They are plagued with bad reviews and have to deal with a myriad of issues, including refund requests from angry parents.

The federal webinar offers to discuss the edtech sector and examine what went wrong in a space that was tailor-made for online intervention. Are the problems man-made or are there inherent limitations to the online mode of teaching?

Or, on an optimistic note, do online education players have the opportunity to solve their problems and ultimately succeed?


Join Gaurav Perti, Founder and CEO of PurpleTutor; Mayuri Ingle, Co-Founder and Vice President – Product and Marketing at xQ; K Giriprakash, Senior Reporter; Praveena Chandrashekar, journalist and educator; and Sivasakti Balan DP, Principal of KRM Public School, discuss issues with V Prem Shanker, Editor, The Federal.

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