Online education bridges the tech skills gap: Macquarie University – Skills

As the war for talent rages on, business leaders are honing their skills to stay on top of industry changes.

Digital Nation Australia spoke to Yvonne Breyer, Associate Dean for Education and Employability at Macquarie Business School, part of Macquarie University. She said online education has opened the door for leaders to improve their knowledge and skills in these areas.

“What we need in terms of online education is for business leaders to recognize that online education really has an impact and is valuable,” Breyer said.

“We need to work on securing those credentials more so that when women or anyone else undertakes those credentials, that they’re actually recognized by the industry and that we kind of take away that stigma of ‘Oh , it was only online”, because nowadays online education and education have become almost synonymous.

According to the Coursera Global Skills Report for 2021, Australian tech skills rank 44th with just 61% proficiency, with the greatest challenges seen in business and technology areas.

The report highlights that Australia has lagged behind the rest of the region in terms of business agility, technology skills and communications infrastructure.

Breyer suggests there needs to be clearer pathways between education and employment opportunities, where platforms like Coursera can help.

While improving hard and soft skills is always helpful, Breyer points out that without self-reflection, leaders will have a hard time determining which areas to focus on.

“The key here for leaders in general is to practice self-development and self-reflection on an ongoing basis to be able to really identify, ‘Well, where are my shortcomings? not confident, or where do I perhaps need to learn more and be vulnerable and curious enough to carry out that learning?”

“Then it’s about the platforms having a good enough system in place that allows leaders or anybody to really find those gaps and those skills that will fill their gaps,” she said.

“And then they can dive deep for a brief period into those particular areas and fill those gaps. But self-reflection, I think, is the first.

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