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2020 was a year that brought people together, demonstrating the strength and resilience of society. Public and private companies have cooperated to bring hope and helpful resources to the community.

88tuition, an online learning platform for elementary and middle school students, is one such company that has stepped up for the community. In collaboration with DBS Bank, 88tuition offered free online courses to all students in Singapore during the circuit breaker. Similarly, with Security Bank, 88tuition offered free tuition to students in the Philippines during school closures.

88tuition is an online learning platform that complements the school system. Full control of the learning path passes into the hands of the student. Students enjoyed enrichment lessons in math, science, English and Chinese from the comfort and safety of their homes. They received high quality education from the teachers and were able to continue their studies smoothly. Such activities support the potential of online learning and bring out effective frameworks for overcoming challenges that may come our way while seeking to make a transition to online mode.

The pandemic and education

The pandemic has forced each sector to review its operating model. From workplaces to families and social gatherings, the rules have changed dramatically depending on the constraints or challenges imposed by the pandemic. Education has been affected in the same way.

Many structural problems, including threats of exclusion, have accompanied the online transition. The transition was tumultuous, but nonetheless, it was achieved. As early as April 2020, as the scourge of the pandemic spread at a rapid pace, UNICEF reported that approximately 83% of countries were using online platforms to support the education process.

Looking on the bright side, the world of online education has several advantages. Students are no longer tied to location and can learn from high-quality tutors no matter where they are. Parents reap the benefits – reduced or no travel time, hassle-free planning and, most importantly, savings on traditionally expensive educational options.

Online material brings transparency and flexibility to the learning process, where students can revise the material at their own pace until they are fluent in it. Organizations such as 88tuition have been at the forefront of attempts to ensure that students do not lack adequate educational inputs due to the pandemic.

The 88tuition Way

88tuition has been a leader in transforming the educational landscape. The organization was founded in 2018 with the social goal of providing high quality video education to all students in Singapore. A focus on harnessing the best technology and constant innovation has been at the heart of the business. The student base has grown exponentially and the platform now has customers from Australia to America.

What makes it special?

What makes 88tuition different? The online platform boasts of a highly interactive and user-friendly interface. Users can easily navigate online and choose from different tuition courses. Learning progress can be tracked by students and parents. Based on available data, student-specific interventions are designed and communicated. The educational content created at 88tuition is comprehensive with over 7,500 videos, 4,500 assessments and 35,000 questions. At the heart of these operations are the best teachers in the country who adapt the program to the needs of the student.

It must cost a fortune, right? NOPE!!

How is 88tuition able to provide high quality education at such reasonable prices? This is a question we often encounter. Starting at just $9 per month per subject, 88tuition gives students a complete solution and makes learning stress-free. For more details or questions, please visit

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